"'Tis the Season to Get Jiggy - SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament" is a high quality rip of "'Tis the Season to Get Jiggy" from SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament.


This rip is dedicated to the character Will Smith, who in the King for a Day Tournament represents rips related to Will Smith's songs and movies and to "Fesh Pince".

This rip is based around Will's hit single "Gettin' Jiggy wit It", but with several differences: clock tower bells, jingle bells, and the "Yeah! Woo!" break are added in various places, some of Will's verses are missing, starting at 0:20 and continuing throughout most of the rest of the rip a bass guitar plays a funky arrangement of "Snow halation", starting at 0:30 a chiming instrument from the Spyro the Dragon soundtrack occasionally plays along, at 2:29 a different guitar plays a solo, and at 2:52 the vocals to "Snow halation" faintly enter as the chiming instrument plays along.

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