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"[AUDIOLOG: 19:27, HEAD_OFFICE]" is a lore video posted by SiIvaGunner. This video introduces Inspector Gadget as a character and new channel host for his subsequent takeover.

While this video's relation to The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis was originally unclear, a scene in "Timbre of a Kazoo" depicts what we hear in the audio log, confirming its place in the timeline. Since the end of April 2019, this video has been unlisted.


During Episode 7, The Voice Inside Your Head breaks his promise to reward President Haltmann for his assistance by failing to resurrect Haltmann's daughter. This infuriates Haltmann, prompting him to hole himself inside his workshop. In this video, it is revealed that Haltmann was working on Inspector Gadget. Gadget attacks The Voice, trashes his office, and replaces him as the host of the SiIvaGunner channel.


The Voice: Haltmann, please report to my office at once.
The Voice: Haltmann?
The Voice: Haltmann...
The Voice: He's been spending an awful lot of time in that workshop of his.
The Voice: Haltmann, there you a-
Inspector Gadget: You can shut up now. I'm always on duty.
The Voice: What on earth is going-
[Gadget begins trashing The Voice's office]
The Voice: Hey!
Inspector Gadget: Brown bricks.
Inspector Gadget: Minecrap.
The Voice: What is the meaning of this?!
Inspector Gadget: I'm having a lot of fun.
The Voice: Aarggh!
Inspector Gadget: I'm better than you are.
[Inspector Gadget's theme plays.]


  • On October 1[note 1] the rip was put in the Haltmann's Archives playlist, and the description was changed to read "[Archiver: M.P.H.]", referring to Max Profitt Haltmann. Later, it was changed to [Archived by: MPH], matching the other descriptions.
  • This is one of the only CCC-related videos not featured in "The Christmas Comeback Crisis Watchalong" due to its redundancy with the 9th episode. It shares this trait with "A Fragmentary Interlude" (for a similar reason as this video), the sidestory "Bad Moon Rising" (for not only revolving around a racist character with offensive dialogue, but having its story developments amount to nothing and erased in the end), and the fake episodes "Large Gains" (which made no attempt to tie in with the CCC itself), and "Treacherous Addiciton" (which briefly seems to continue the story before being interrupted by static).