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"[Deprecated] The Supreme Visitor [FILE-06] - Haltmann's Archives" is a deprecated version of the sixth "file" in Haltmann's Archives.

Differences from the revision Edit

The date of Green de la Bean's birth was incorrectly listed as "September 3" instead of "September 2". Also, the date of his death was listed as "September 3" instead of "September 10." The mistaken date of death was acknowledged by the team, who posted a comment on this video as President Haltmann.[1] The error in the date of his birth wasn't acknowledged. Both dates were corrected in the revised version.

The revised version also changed "Ore no Imouto" to "Pupa", and added an extra paragraph connecting Season 1's bizarre livestreams and Pupa.

Transcript Edit

[Haltmann's Archives]

[September 2, 2016]

has been largely reliant on
created by others, but arguably his most original is
[Green de la Bean]
. Debuting on this day, he thought of the Bean as his son, his pièce de résistance.

[September 10, 2016]

The Bean is killed in a coordinated attack by radicalists. Distraught with the loss of his "son", SiIvaGunner mourns his death.

[September 11, 2016]

SiIvaGunner, still angry about the Bean's death, completely overloads his channel, causing a dimensional rift and a mass-wipe of the uploads that day.

With this, another channel emerges from the rift:
[Flustered Fernando]

Flustered Fernando's content is largely similar to SiIvaGunner's, but with a heavy emphasis on controversial content, from
[Elliot Rodger]
[Ore no Imouto]

The channel's origin is unclear. Our researchers suggest that it was born out of pure hatred from the soul of SiIvaGunner; some others suggest that it may be a visitor from another dimension who is a fan, and created it as a tribute.

In any case, SiIvaGunner has absolutely no memory of the uploads on that September day, and when questioned about it, always denies their existence.


Trivia Edit

  • This deprecated version is at the very bottom of the Haltmann's Archives playlist.

References Edit

  1. President Haltmann. YouTube. 17 November 2017. "Note: At 0:23, the video says "September 3" when it should be September 10. Haltmann Works Co. apologizes for this archival error, and we thank you for your patronage."

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