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"(VOD, Part 1) Space Jam Charity SLAM!" was a high quality livestream hosted by SiIvaGunner on July 17, 2021. It is the first part of the Space Jam Charity SLAM!.


Main article: Space Jam Charity SLAM!

Stretch goals

Stretch Goal Reached at Fulfilled at
$1,250 Live Dribble Cam 29:42[Note 1] 1:31:43
$2,000 Live Barkley Cam 35:49 4:54:43
$2,500 Creating a Slam! mashup live 40:01 2:22:57
$5,000 Slamming an NES rip with DCPM 2:01:52 2:50:48
$7,777 Special Guest Michael Jordan 3:38:50 3:52:14
$9,000 Squirtle CAM! 5:15:45 5:16:32
$10,000 SLAMMING ON THE CAN! (live br cam) 6:23:40 6:47:47



The pre-stream played a few "Space Jam" rips already uploaded to the channel.

Time Rip
0:15 "Mannrobics Theme (Extended) - Team Fortress 2"
3:56 "Slam Shuffle - Final Fantasy VI"
6:19 "MEGALOVANIA (Alternate Mix) - Undertale"
11:16 "Heartache - Undertale"
13:12 "Strong One (Masked Man) - MOTHER 3"
15:40 "End of All ~ Sky - Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright"
19:52 "File Select (Beta Mix) - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse"
24:54 "Bomb Rush Blush - Splatoon"
27:16 "Record ~ Melancholy - WarioWare D.I.Y."

Regular SLAM!s #1

Time Now SLAM!ming Other notes
29:47 "Main Title & Planet X - Godzilla - Monster of Monsters!"
32:04 "Twin-Horned Raging Tyrant of the Desert - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite"
35:01 "Masker - Bomberman 64"
37:18 "Hoshikuzu Struck - Taiko no Tatsujin: Nijiiro Version"
39:30 "UCHU SAMURAI - Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session!"
41:52 "Fruit Basket 2 - Rhythm Heaven Megamix"
43:31 "King Kaliente - Super Mario Galaxy" Mashup also included "Dead Body Reported" from Among Us.
45:18 "Pohatu VS Nui-Jaga Minigame - Mata Nui Online Game"
46:50 "Heat in your Hand - No More Heroes"
52:04 "Endless Remix (OST Version) - Rhythm Heaven Fever"
54:32 "Sky Arena - ARMS"
57:52 "Exploration - Xenoblade Chronicles 2" "Now SLAM!ming" did not appear during the runtime of these mashups due to the message "Great job getting all our stretch goals met! We didn't expect all this support!" being shown.
1:00:52 "Wizards and Lizards - Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex"
1:05:11 "Matching - THE iDOLM@STER"
1:08:47 "Nakiri Ayame [Summertime Nakiri BGM] - Azur Lane x Hololive Collab"
1:12:27 "Battle Scene (MSX2 Version) - Final Fantasy"
1:14:14 "Indomitable Will (Rain) - Fire Emblem: Three Houses"
1:17:58 "Intro Animation (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast" Mashup accompanied by an edited music video rather than an image.
1:18:47 "Title (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
1:19:51 "Green Grove Zone (Act 1) (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast" Used the same image as the previous mashup.
1:23:04 "Green Grove Zone (Act 2) (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
1:26:27 "Act Clear (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
1:26:42 "Music: Floss - Fortnite"
1:30:05 "Megaton Walk (Beta Version) - EarthBound"
1:31:00 "Fiend (Beta Mix) - Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne" From 1:31:43 to 1:42:56, live video of two team members with a basketball was shown concurrently with the mashup for the $1,250 Live Dribble Cam stretch goal. Audio from this played over this mashup but was muted afterward.
1:34:56 "Dramaturgy - Groove Coaster: Wai Wai Party!!!!"
1:39:00 "Ghost Town - Sonic Forces"
1:41:55 "Main Theme (Beta Version) - Bad Piggies" Mashup also included "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang and "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" from Space Jam.
1:44:14 "Calamari Inkantation (Beta Mix) - Super Smash Bros. UItimate" [sic]

Requested SLAM!s #1

Time Now SLAM!ming Other notes
1:47:45 "Love Will Never Die - Twinkle Star Sprites" Requested by cispuellamagica.[1]
1:49:45 "Conductors Cabin - Hiveswap Act 2" Requested by both basedampora and HopeyMage.[1]
1:53:34 "2Nite - DJMAX Respect"
1:55:48 "Gerudo Valley (N64 Version) - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" Reuses the image seen in the rip "Hyrule Field - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time".
1:58:47 "The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) - Fire Emblem: Three Houses" Requested by ToastBy.[1]
2:00:46 "Dead Body Reported (Mira HQ Version) - Among Us" Requested by UUN4.[1]
2:01:55 "Emote: The Rick Dance (In-Game Version) - Fortnite" Requested by MattyMoo728.[1]
2:03:29 "Electrodrome (OST Version) - Mario Kart 8"
2:05:41 "The Machine - Sonic Spinball"
2:09:54 BRB Fixing Things
2:11:40 "The Hamster Dance Song - Just Dance Kids" Mashup accompanied by an edited music video rather than an image. Near the end of the mashup, the mashup adds "The Impression That I Get" by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones into it.
2:15:30 "Supurr Tasteful Catastrophe (Mansion Theme) - Catlateral Damage" Briefly played again at 2:19:29, most likely by mistake.
2:19:35 Big Chungus cameo Transcript: "Ehhhhh, what's up doc? This is Big Chu-uhh, Bugs Bunny! Thanks for donating to the Space Jam Charity SLAM! All this money will hold 'em alwight hehehehehehehe, phooey. Don't forget that you can also catch me in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, where I'm clearly the best, and biggest, unit in the game."
2:20:17 "Sign of Evil (Beta Mix) - Doom"
2:22:57 Live SLAM!ming on Audacity!! A (decidedly unprofessional) tutorial showing how to make a "Space Jam" mashup. Instructions are provided via text with random iMovie titles/transitions, and are demonstrated via a vertical phone recording of a laptop screen showing Audacity. It should be noted that Audacity is not designed with music in mind and is best avoided when making mashups, but the instructions given are general and don't refer to Audacity specifically. The tutorial uses "Twinkle Magic" from Muse Dash as an example, and the finished mashup serves as the audio for the tutorial.
2:26:11 "March In The Big Gay Parade - South Park Rally"
2:30:01 "Epicenter - SimCity 4"
2:34:31 "Funtime TV Studio 2 - Ape Escape 3"
2:40:09 "Windowlicker - Grand Theft Auto V"
2:46:24 "The Tooth Hurts (Corridor) - Surgeon Simulator"
2:50:48 SLAM!ming an NES rip with DPCM A mashup between "Invincible" from Super Mario Bros. and bit-crushed vocals from "Space Jam".
2:51:36 "Natural Killer Cyborg (Beta Mix) - MOTHER 3"
2:54:42 "Welcome to FAR S ULTRA - Future Aero Racing S Ultra"
2:56:30 "Sea Shanty 2 - Runescape" Requested by DJ_54.[1]
2:58:46 "Rhythmortis (Lobby) - Crypt of the NecroDancer" Requested by Anonymous.[1]
3:01:05 "Call Me Gor-Gor - Hiveswap Friendsim" Requested by basedampora.[1]
3:04:25 "Jake Marshall - Wandering Detective - Phoenix Write Ace Attorney" Starting with this rip, every request listed the donator who requested the mashup on stream. Requested by Wambo52.
3:06:16 "Vs. Yin-Yarn 1 - Kirby's Epic Yarn" Requested by ClaireTheGamer.
3:08:37 "Blood Trail - Dead by Daylight" Requested by Oxitape.
3:10:25 "Sneakman (In-Game Version) - Jet Set Radio" Requested by Chase.
3:14:26 "Fighting in the Streets (Beta Mix) - Streets of Rage" Requested by Mr. Musicguy. Uses modified Streets of Rage 4 image even though rip is supposed to based on the original Streets of Rage.
3:19:28 "Moonlight Capital - Kirby Triple Deluxe" Requested by ouch?.
3:22:55 "Box Has Key (Temple Ruins) - Baba is You" Requested by junkmail.
3:25:10 "Random Song 06 - Geometry Dash" Requested by aktimoose.
3:26:45 "Fly Octo Fly - Ebb & Flow - Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion" Requested by Wilde J.
3:30:07 "The Part Where He Kills You - Portal 2" Requested by villie.

Regular SLAM!s #2

Time Now SLAM!ming Other notes
3:33:52 Joker Cameo Transcript: "Hello, Space Jam Charity SLAM!? I'd like to make...A WITHDRAWL (maniacal laughter)".
3:34:13 "Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1 (Saturn) (OST Version) - Sonic 3D Blast"
3:37:33 "Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2 (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
3:41:05 "Extra Life (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
3:41:22 "The Jamminest of All - Maroon GO"
3:42:33 "Rambi's Theme - Donkey Kong 64"
3:44:16 "Basketball - Game Pigeon"
3:45:38 "Something Faster - Jet Force Gemini"
3:48:20 "Sleeping Treasure in the Sand - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals"
3:52:14 Michael Jordan Cameo!! The Cave Story thumbnail briefly appears before this segment at 3:52:09, most likely by mistake.

Transcript: "It's me, Michael Jordan. Who'd you expect, Grand Dad? Thank you for tuning in to SiIvaGunner's Space Jam Charity SLAM! We've already got an amazing amount of donations as is, and we're hoping to reach our goal by the end of the stream. But while you're tuned in listening to these slammin' beats, make sure to also check out Space Jam: A New Legacy, in theaters and streaming on HBO Max right now. And if you don't have an HBO Max subsciption, stop it, get some help. As well as a six piece Chicken McNugget meal from McDonald's. Well, that's all from me. Enjoy the stream and keep on slammin' fellas. I'll see y'all on the court."

3:53:01 "Main Theme (Extende Version) - Futurama" The mashup starts playing about 7 seconds before the thumbnail appears.
3:53:55 "Boss 2 (Genesis) - Sonic 3D Blast"
3:55:07 "Level 2: The Basement - The Ottifants (Genesis)"
3:58:19 "Jenka 2 (OST Version) - Cave Story" Uses the thumbnail first seen at 3:52:09.
3:59:21 "Boss (Arr.) - Fantasy Zone (X6000)"
4:00:33 "Boss Introduction - Splatoon 2"
4:01:06 "God Kelp Us - Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures II: ASSimilation"
4:04:49 "Here We Are (In-Game Version) - Undertale"
4:07:07 "Wacky Workbench Present (US) (OST Version) - Sonic CD"
4:10:38 "30 Second Countdown (Groovy) - Kahoot!"
4:11:12 "Unused Track 1 - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective"
4:14:16 "Yoshi's Story - Super Smash Bros. Melee"
4:16:39 "Blue Sky - Riddle School 3"
4:20:24 "Jordan (NTSC Version) - Guitar Hero II"
4:24:33 "Cap 'n Cash's Caps for Cash (Shop Theme) - Them's Fightin' Herds"
4:27:36 "Chase Minigame - SegaSonic Popcorn Shop"
4:28:28 "Plizzanet (Alternate Mix) - Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void"
4:31:26 "Learning One's Craft - Skullgirls"
4:35:00 "Blood Memories - Rance X: Showdown" This was played alongside regular rips despite being a request. It was played again after the next requests segment. Requested by Flair [Monster].

Requested SLAM!s #2

Time Now SLAM!ming Other notes
4:38:23 "Blood Memories - Rance X: Showdown" The mashup starts playing about 7 seconds before the thumbnail appears. Requested by Flair [Monster].
4:41:44 "Husslin n Tusslin - No More Heroes" Requested by jellom.
4:44:57 "A Feeling of Tread - Henry Stickmin Collection" Requested by Knayam7.
4:48:04 "Dribble and Spitz - WarioWare Twisted!" Requested by kody NOKOLO.
4:50:28 "Cobalt Coast - Pokémon Channel" Requested by mariopikaman1.
4:53:37 "Boss Battle - Paper Mario: The Origami King" Requested by anon.
4:56:51 "Skyboss - Princess Remedy In A World Of Hurt" Requested by J. Compton.
4:59:25 "Mustard Mountain - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror" Requested by OxiTape.
5:01:14 "The Meat Circus - Psychonauts" Requested by Razputin Aquato.
5:03:25 "Steam Gardens (Beta) - Super Mario Odyssey" Requested by Paulbunyunn.
5:07:09 "Al's Toy Barn - Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!" Requested by Derek Sands.
5:10:27 "Title Theme (In-Game Version) - Crazy Frog Racer 2" Requested by Pan.
5:13:28 "Rock Bottom - SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula" Requested by BlockyGunner.
5:14:54 "Character Select - Mario Super Sluggers" Requested by lunar.magic.
5:17:44 "Kraken of the Sea - Earthbound" Requested by cispuellamagica.
5:19:31 "A Hard Landing - Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc" Requested by MajoraPollywaffle.
5:22:21 "See-Saw - Rhythm Heaven Fever" Requested by oatmeal188. Rip uses the PAL art for the background (Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise).
5:24:15 "Metallic Madness Present (JPN/PAL) (Frontrunning) - Sonic CD" Requested by anonymous.
5:27:23 "V3 Argument - Scrum (SLAM! Edition) - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony" Requested by both Paulbunyunn and anonymous.
5:31:49 "Snake Man Stage - Super Smash Bros. UItimate" Requested by SnakeManvsArbok.

Regular SLAM!s #3

Time Now SLAM!ming Other notes
5:34:34 Melvin Brother of the Joker cameo Continuation of the Joker cameo from 3:33:52

Transcript: "Oh uh, Space Jam uh, Charity SLAM!? This is uh, Melvin, brother of the uh, Joker, and I'd like to make a uh... a uh heh, a Space Jelly Charity SLAM!. What? Someone already beat me to it? My, my uh, brother? The Joker? Beat me to it? Ah, well uh, alright then. [unintelligible]."

5:35:20 "Spring Stadium Zone (Act 1) (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
5:38:18 "Spring Stadium Zone (Act 2) (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
5:42:09 "Invincibility (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
5:42:49 "Sonic Speed Riders - Sonic Riders"
5:44:49 "Main Theme - 3D Pinball: Space Cadet"
5:46:20 "Battle - Happy! - Super Bomberman R"
5:49:07 "Aria of the Soul - Super Smash Bros. UItimate"
5:54:09 "Those Who Fight (In-Game Version) - Final Fantasy VII"
5:56:55 "Boss: Masters of the Desert - Sonic Adventure 2"
5:59:15 "Boss Battle - Miitopia"
6:01:56 "Group Score Match 2 - Love Live! School idol festival"
6:04:59 "Unbreakable Determination (OST Version) - Ninja Gaiden"
6:06:48 "Hay Seed (CDDA Version) - The Incredible Machine 2"
6:10:09 "Main Theme - Shadow Basketball"
6:11:08 "NEO SKY, NEO MAP! (In-Game Version) - Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS"
6:12:55 "Giant Steps - Grand Theft Auto IV"
6:17:51 "Mission Boss - Cranky Food Friends"
6:21:03 "Diamond Dust Zone (Act 1) (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
6:24:09 "Diamond Dust Zone (Act 2) (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"
6:27:30 "Speed Shoes (Saturn) - Sonic 3D Blast"

Requested SLAM!s #3

Time Now SLAM!ming Other notes
6:28:33 "On to Grasstown (Internal Percussion) - Cave Story" Requested by jaredude.
6:30:26 "2chords - Pesterquest" Requested by basedampora.
6:31:52 "Battle Highway - Sonic Battle" Requested by Darky Andreas.
6:33:13 "Impulse to Victory - Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2" Requested by MrDrProfessor.
6:36:06 "Main Theme (Offline) - Among Us" Requested by bottle man.
6:38:09 "Game Over - Felix the Cat" Requested by cispuellamagica.
6:38:33 "Brainiac Maniac - Plants vs Zombies" Requested by Superfly1023.
6:40:29 "Gakura - Yume 2kki" Requested by room.
6:41:14 "Could This Be the End - Chroma Squad" Requested by quicksilvr.
6:44:44 "Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess - Touhou 8: Imperishable Night" Requested by Anonymous. This rip was played again after the next segment, most likely by mistake.
6:47:47 SLAMMING ON THE CAN! (live br cam) A video of someone playing "Space Jam" on a piano rug while in the bathroom. Additionally, the "Now SLAM!ming" text did not change from the previous rip.
6:49:44 "Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess - Touhou 8: Imperishable Night" Repeat from 6:44:44.
6:53:11 "Title - Mario Super Sluggers" Requested by Anonymous.
6:53:49 "Vs. Yo-Kai -4- - Yo-kai Watch 4" Requested by jibanyanfan1738.
6:56:43 "Krow Battle Theme - YIIK: A Postmodern RPG" Requested by bestgithlchloe.


SiIvaGunner announces that the stream would end in order for it to be archived, and that a second stream would be starting soon. The stream ends shortly after.

Transcript: "Hey, everyone. We will be closing this stream shortly to make sure it can be archived. Don't worry, a new stream will be starting soon."

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  1. This goal was reached during the pre-stream, however the amount of donations raised at the time were not shown until the stream properly began.


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