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.@GiIvaSunner Whips & Nae Naes on Ellen the Generous is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner on July 13, 2017. It was released after SiIvaGunner uploaded the "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" rips from the event in July.

The album was announced through the video "A Generous Announcement".

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "The Day I Waited for the Nae Nae" DatManOvaDer 03:19
2. "nn2whip.mid" Jasper 01:18
3. "Whip Shop Channael" toonlink 01:58
4. "Piccolo whips and nae naes straight into Vegeta's wide open anus.flac" SmokyThrill77 02:41
5. "Cabanaela ~ A White Lovely Stanky Man" toonlink 02:17
6. "One More Nae Nae" Chaze the Chat 03:15
7. "Ai no Nae Nae" Byakuya 02:48
8. "Jake Kaufman LEAKED AUDIO Doing the WHIP and NAENAE! (MUST LISTEN!)" KnightOfGames 01:10
9. "Rushing Nae Nae" The Duane 01:38
10. "Now Watch Me Train English, Now Watch Me Have Fun Improving My Skill" Kirbio 00:51
11. "Watching Family Guy" toonlink & Aquacycle 00:39
12. "Chicken and Whips" Nikki+ 00:56
13. "Uwa!! So Nae Nae♫" Ahmaykmewsik 03:03
14. "Whip Over a Nae Leaf" toonlink 01:44
15. "Whip vs. Nae Nae 2: New Age of Silence" Solid STRGG 01:19
16. "Hall of Nae Nae" Lenox 01:13
17. "NaeNae Club" Cryptrik 04:45
18. "Silentó plays bad rats and roleplays as a weeb while listening to trap music." Reach 03:16
19. "aliens can whip and nae nae too!!!" TheLeis 01:35
20. "The Ultimate Whip and Nae Nae" Millennium Hero 02:51
21. "Strong Whip (Masked Nae Nae)" Nikki+ & toonlink 01:13
22. "Quan-Whipped Naengel" MonoGiraffe & toonlink 02:10
23. "Snow naenaetion" toonlink & Makar 02:00
24. "Megalovania 2 from Undertale 2" Chaze the Chat & toonlink 02:17
25. "Paul Mom" Put Your Head On My Shoulder & Ray William Johnson 01:33
26. "Whip Are Number One" Slurpies 00:45

Bonus content

Several images were included in the album, and the video file for the rip "Minecraft - Undertale 2"


"ellen the generous"

See also


  1. "Ellen The Generous -- Be Like", @ChazeOldTwit, Twitter, Nov. 7 2016.
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