"100 Nyan Power De Yumegokoti - Nekopara Vol. 1" is a high quality rip of "100 Nyan Power De Yumegokoti" from Nekopara Vol. 1.

Jokes Edit

The rip is an anime-fan-themed vocal cover of "Sirius" by Aoi Eir, a track notable as the opening of the anime Kill la Kill.

"100 Nyan Power De Yumegokoti" is actually a track in Nekopara Vol. 2 and does not appear at all in the rip.

Lyrics Edit

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Mako, Satsuki, Rainbow MILF
You got me watching naked bullshit
Don't judge me, I'm only a man
Fapping every day, every night

Aah, another anime
I'm such an asshole
Driven to drink 'cuz I'm only a NEET
I wish I'd hate anime so I could hate you

Kill la Kill is some cheesy-ass shit
But the animation's great
And holy shit
My fucking penisu

Sue me Trigger, I sang a cover
of Sirius - Aoi Eir
My lady's loose and likes
Gurren Lagann, Kamina

(hamidashite shi matta)
That's the only Japanese bit that I know
My fucking penisu

I took the time of day to cover
This music for SiIvaGunner
Eat your beans every night and sing along,

Is my waifu

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References Edit

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