"10 Players Remaining (Game Boy Theme) - Tetris 99" is a high quality rip of the Game Boy Theme version of "10 Players Remaining" from Tetris 99.


The rip is an arrangement of the original "10 Players Remaining" from Tetris 99 using instruments from "Theme A" on Tetris for Game Boy.

The actual Game Boy Theme version of "10 Players Remaining" is a faster version of "Theme A" from Tetris.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to there being no official title, the name of the original non-Game Boy version of the track varies depending on the source. This rip uses the title "10 Players Remaining", most notably from BrawlBRSTMs3's upload of the track, but other names include "Defense Battle 3" from Dystify Music's upload and "In-Game 3" from Simon Aarons' upload.
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