"11 - Minecraft" is a high quality rip of the "11" from Minecraft.

Jokes Edit

This rip contains nothing from the advertised track. Instead, it's "Minecraft with Gadget" video by Cinemassacre, but without Mike Matei or Inspector Gadget. This appears to be a continuation of Calm - Minecraft, where only Inspector Gadget is edited out. In addition, the iPad screen is blank during play, displaying a blue screen with the time set at 00:00 PM (or noon).

The Cinemassacre logo is also blanked, but at the end of the rip, the words "MASSACRE" appear in red for a brief moment. The only sound that can be heard is the ambient feedback from the microphone used in the original video. At 2:11, a thumping sound can be heard.

A possible explanation for this rip is that the advertised track, "11", has cryptic audio that suggests something sinister.

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