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24/Seven Grand Rush is a high quality album by SiIvaGunner. It comprises Big Time Rush-related rips released during Big Time Rush 11th Anniversary, as well as one rip released in 2020. The album's title amalgamates the titles of Big Time Rush, 7 GRAND DAD, and the Big Time Rush album 24/Seven.

The album was announced through the video "An announcement from Gustavo".

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "SiIvaGunner sings Big Time Rush" The Big Time Rushers 3:17
2. "Oh! Jesus! Miku has a trial with her Boyfriend! (not to be mistaken with Boyfriend from the hit game Friday Night Funkin')" M&M 3:40
3. "Big Time Ninja Rush" Jp 2:02
4. "Shake Your Tail Till You Forget About Her" ChickenSuitGuy 1:58
5. "Nothing Even Matters, Not Even Sex" Tori 2:28
6. "Hall of the Mount Rushmoore" Grambam36 1:14
7. "Big the Cat Time Rush or a better fitting sonic title fuck you csg i'm naming this track the exact file name but with this bit added on" ChickenSuitGuy 4:12
8. "We're Halfway Through The Slide!" Pan 2:45
9. "Big Time Revenge" Heboyi 3:21
10. "Boydream" ChickenSuitGuy 0:48
11. "To the Halfway Heights" berg8793 1:58
12. "Play It Straight Roads" Vincent Mashups 4:20
13. "Astral Boyfriend" CactusTeam 3:12
14. "Famous Surprise" Ethan 3:48
15. "Boybands with Benefits" ChickenSuitGuy 2:32
16. "I'm still stuck thinking of a name for this..." leave blank to use album artist 1:34
17. "Mine Shack Rush" Retro Gaming 1:12
18. "Racing With the Windows Down" berg8793 1:31
19. "Big Hall of Mirrors" FL Studio User 0:21
20. "Don't Lose Your Fame" Ethan 3:52
21. "Big Time Bomber" Nernant 2:34
22. "wtf adam levine in big time rush real" Ethan 0:52
23. "Looking For A Peace Sign" Vincent Mashups 3:23
24. "No Big Time Girls" berg8793 3:31
25. "Bomb Time Rush" Atominizer 1:17
26. "Turn the Heaters Up" berg8793 2:17
27. "Til I Reincarnate" Emm Bee Sea 1:41
28. "WorldWide Virtual Sensation" Sarvéproductions 1:58
29. "Sonic Rush" Maggie 3:39
30. "Song completed for Dracula" Arados 0:06
31. "Giorno Rocque" Expensive Dispenser 1:09
32. "kendall hops on a skateboard and dies" vvsvlogs 2:27
33. "Big Time Mario" Ethan 0:03
34. "Big Time Rainbow Sunshine" Netyasha Roozi 3:10
35. "Big Time STARS" Emm Bee Sea 3:17
36. "If I Ruled the Wild World" Emm Bee Sea 1:53
37. "Asu e no Worldwide" Ethan 4:47
38. "Nothing Even Matters, Including Sleep" DDA 4:17
39. "Kirby's Big Time Brush" overcast07 1:08
40. "it's gonna be a" Ethan 3:14
41. "If I Turned You On" Vincent Mashups 2:38
42. "One More Boyfriend" TheHolyT-Bo 2:17
43. "Crypt of the TeenageDancer" ChickenSuitGuy ft. andrés 2:44
44. "Egg Time Rush" Jp 2:50
45. "City Folk Is Ours" Emm Bee Sea 2:08
46. "Big Tap Audition" andrés 1:42
47. "My Only Life I Got" ChickenSuitGuy 1:39
48. "idk about you but i get very blissful listening to big time rush" cookiefonster 1:01
49. "The song is called High and you didn't use the Snoop Dogg version???" Bingus Time Rush & berg8793 2:12
50. "Big Sonic Time Adventure Rush Adventure" andrés 1:10
51. "Any Kind of Smooth Delusion" SmokyThrill77 3:45
52. "PeñaVega Stage" andrés 4:01
53. "Do you like my limousine?" Jp 3:59
54. "Big Time Weeb" vvsvlogs 2:55
55. "rush.exe has become too big time." berg8793 3:15
56. "Endless Boyfriends" Sarvéproductions 4:08
57. "Counting to 3 has never been more difficult" Emm Bee Sea 1:10
58. "Let's-a Go Big Time!" berg8793 0:02
59. "Big Time Pirate" Blookerstein 0:55
60. "Don't Rush Now" Sarvéproductions 3:12
61. "Big Time Rush" SiIvaGunner 0:54

Bonus media

The album's bonus media comprises video files for "Big Time - Despicable Me: Minion Rush" ("god.MOV") and "Banana Hunt - Despicable Me: Minion Rush" ("jesus.MOV"), a short "Giant Steps" edit of the Big Time Rush theme by Ethan64Music ("big time steps.mp4"), assets of crude edits of the BTR album cover used in "An announcement from Gustavo", the channel banner and profile picture used during the event, the album cover, and an edited image of Gustavo Rocque used in a tweet by SiIvaGunner.


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