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765 GRAND DAD is an album by SiIvaGunner featuring rips from Namco games, mainly 1980s arcade games and the iDOLM@STER series. It was released after PAC-MAN's 36th Anniversary on May 22, 2016 and announced through the video "INSERT ANNOUNCEMENT". The album was arranged by Can of Nothing.[2]. It features Pac-Man dressed as Haruka Amami.

Track list

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "INSERT COIN" Barney Rubble 0:11
2. "In-Game Music" Can of Nothing 1:54
3. "EX-PAC-'N-DONG" QQQ 0:18
4. "Memes on the Katamari" Minus Θ Zero 1:45
5. "In-Game Music" QQQ 0:43
6. "GYROMANIA" Minus Θ Zero 2:48
7. "I'm Ready To Wonder Momo My Way!!" Quadruple-T 2:29
8. "COFFEE BREAK 1" QQQ 0:13
9. "In-Game Music" Minus Θ Zero 1:46
10. "Yeah PAC-MAN, Step on that Tomato" QQQ 0:20
11. "Blue Yellow Spheres" Quadruple-T 2:24
12. "In-Game Music" Can of Nothing 1:16
13. "YELLOW DISCO BALL" Alex Mercer 4:08
14. "Gentlewolf" Chaze the Chat 0:49
15. "COFFEE BREAK 2" Xtremer$adiq 0:14
16. "The Wings of Time" Triple-Q 2:10
17. "PAC-MAN Goes Holiday Shopping" Quadruple-T 2:30
18. "GO MY JANE!!" Chaze the Chat 4:48
19. "In-Game Music" QQQ 1:16
20. "Nigra Just Wants The Goddamn Game To Load" Triple-Q and Quadruple-T 1:14
21. "CHIP MY WHALES!!" Avolience 4:46
22. "Start Music - Pac-Man" Shengda Baba 0:05
23. "The Stains of Snow" Triple-Q 4:23
24. "Katamari on the Memes" Xarlable 5:55
Hidden track
25. "GO A WAY!!" Best Girl Haruka Amami 0:14


  • The most prominent contributor to this album is Minus Θ Zero with 15 rips (including contributions under fake names), followed by Triple-Q with 3 rips, and Chaze the Chat with 2 rips.
  • There are five tracks named "In-Game Music" in this album.

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  1. 765.jpg credited as 0minus0 in Selections from SiIvaGunner: Part 1 on Can of Nothing's Bandcamp
  2. "Besides 765 Grand Dad (Minus Zero ran that one)" @ChazeOldTwit, Twitter
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