"7:59" is a high quality video ending Cartoon Network Day and beginning Adult Swim Night.

Jokes[edit | edit source]

The video is in the style of an actual TV broadcast, showing the ending of an episode of The Flintstones, with some minor edits. These edits include:

  • An illustration of Mario's head in The Flintstones' art style is pasted over Fred Flintstone's head. This effectively turns him into Grand Dad's second form.
  • Baby Puss has a grey filter on him and SiIvaGunner's head pasted over his head.
  • NES synths from "Title Theme & Ending" play along with the background music ("Rise and Shine").
  • Fred yelling "Wilma!" after being kicked out of the house by Baby Puss is replaced by someone in a Fred impression yelling "SiIva!" instead.

Shortly after, at exactly 1:00 (which, in accordance with the title, would be 8:00 PM, the time that Adult Swim starts), it shows the 2001 Pool #2 introductory bumper for Adult Swim, but dubbed over with SiIva theming.

Bumper transcript[edit | edit source]

[On-screen text:

Siiva Swim may contain mature material
some viewers might not find suitable

It then shows various clips of adults swimming in a public pool.]

Okay, listen up woodmen! Hey, you listening over there?
All woodmen out of the pool for Siiva Swim! All woodmen out!
We only strive for the high quality H2O in this swim!
GRAND DAD?! Is that you over there? I swear I've seen that same person, like, 7 times or something.

[On-screen text:

[siiva swim]


Sink or Siiva Swim.

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