"7AM - Animal Crossing: New Leaf" is a high quality rip of "7AM" from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Jokes Edit

The game music is replaced with the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black ft. Patrice Wilson, seeing the first lyric of the song is "7 AM". As well, we see pictures of Patrice Wilson from different music videos he directed.

  • At 0:17, it's on the clock and it's from "Friday".
  • At 0:45, the video cuts to black for a second and we see Patrice on the right corner from the music video "ABCDEFG", sung by Alison Gold.
  • At 1:37, it's on the left side of the top part of the logo, and it's from "Chinese Food", also sung by Alison Gold.
  • At 2:32, it's on the center bottom, and it's from "Beautiful" (Official Pregnant Video).


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