7 Gram Dab is a high quality album released for 4/20 2016. As its release date indicates, it is focused around weed and mostly features Snoop Dogg jokes.

All the tracks from this album were also uploaded on the same day, either on the channel or their respective rippers' personal SoundCloud.

It was announced through the video "#420AnnounceIt".

Track listEdit

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "A Former Decorated Member of the United States Marine Corps Needs Your Support" NBGMusic 1:10
2. "Snoop Dogg's Metal Dreamland (Chaze Remaster)" Triple-Q and Chaze the Chat 4:20
3. "Drink Coffee Erryday" Blazephlozard 2:26
4. "Next Episode Retro Hippie" turdl3 1:08
5. "Mario After Too Much Water" QQQ 0:53
6. "420 Brinstar Weed Soil Snoopy Area" Xarlable 3:24
8. "I Can't Stop Smoking Weed" Eziam One 2:27
9. "Ganja Man 9: Hash Blunt Hash (Shorty's Stage)" Trogdorbad 1:52
10. "Pussy Pussy Pussy, Tomodachi" Toonlink 2:02
11. "NEED FOR WEED ?" NBGMusic 2:22
12. "Snoopdin Town" Avolience 2:32
13. "BrokenKush March" Uncle Fill 2:07
14. "7MLGD" MtH 3:36
15. "Lookin' High" IAmMelloYellow 2:48
16. "Green and Spiders" Peridarren 2:35
17. "Sexy-Eyyy-Op-Op" Chaze the Chat 1:32
18. "Marijuana Fountain" Toonlink 2:05
19. "Weed of an Absolution" Triple-Q 4:20
20. "Snoop Yoshi (Smoke The Underground)" Nib Roc 3:39
21. "Buy Some Weed, Will Ya!" gurchik 0:25
22. "Smok Tem Flakes Eridai (GLITCH REMIX)" LemmyKoopa 3:14
23. "Dylanman" PinkieOats 4:05
24. "Alphys' head looks like weed." NBGMusic 1:25
25. "Ganja Smoke Cove" Nape Mango 2:01
26. "Animal Crossing: Cannabis Leaf" Toonlink 1:35
27. "Blunt and a Bolo" IAmMelloYellow 3:04
29. "Splatoon Blunts" labi 2:24
32. "420 VAPE TEMPLE" Xarlable 0:56
33. "That one piano song from Reefer Madness because that would be funny to put over a Kingdom Hearts song on Weed Day" Shengda Baba 1:46
34. "Smoke Inhalation" Triple-Q 2:46
35. "Because I Staff Rolled Up" TUWieZ and Chaze the Chat 4:20
36. "Because I Staff Rolled Up (Instrumental)" Chaze the Chat 3:55


  • The most used meme in this album is Smoke Weed Everyday with 17 rips followed by Drop It Like It's Hot (7 rips) and 7 GRAND DAD (4 rips).
  • The most prominent contributors to this album are NBGMusic and Chaze the Chat with 4 rips each followed by Triple-Q and Toonlink with 3 rips each.
  • The most ripped game in this album is Earthbound with 4 rips followed by Undertale (3 rips), Super Mario 64, Five Nights at Freddy's and Splatoon (2 rips each).
  • 3 tracks have a length of 4:20.

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