7 Somari Dad is an album celebrating Sonic franchise's 25th anniversary. It was released on June 25, 2016, during the second part of the High Quality Reboot, and features 64 tracks, of which only 63 are visible on the Bandcamp page. The 64th track, sonic.exe.wav.aif, is obtainable solely by downloading the album.

The album was announced through the fan-fiction-riddled video GOTTA ANNOUNCE FAST!! (YouTube link).

Tracks[edit | edit source]

Track Length Song name Rippers
1 01:03 a big rip Meme Lord
2 02:00 Something About Aquatic Ruin Zone MtH
3 00:50 Bonfire on the Sky Deck A Go! Go! CaptainComedy
4 01:33 LEGO Master System LuNiney
5 02:24 Some Night Zone (Silva Version) How2BEpic
6 03:35 Double Dad Barney Rubble
7 03:05 Metro Grandbass MtH
8 00:38 Carnival Night World Jass
9 02:10 Broken Chao Peridarren
10 05:09 Fly in the Summer Chaze the Chat and MtH
11 02:58 Childish Gambino's Chao Garden MF PICKLE-O
12 01:30 Chemical Dynablade Galleon Zone Xarlable
13 01:32 Everyone's Emerald Hill (Everyone vs. Sonic + BWitched) CaptainComedy
14 03:26 The Style That Was Found MtH
15 00:48 Ice Dad Zone Xarlable
16 01:18 What happens when you lock-on a SEGA CD to Sonic & Knuckles Jass
17 03:56 Sonic R Sux How2BEpic
18 03:20 Viva La Battery Zone beat_shobon
19 00:46 Door Into Starman MtH
20 02:47 Trick 2 Trick toonlink
21 04:16 Rooftop Shake Nib Roc
22 01:29 WITCH HILL ZONE- CONTRACT 1 (Genesis Version) REDACTED
23 01:30 Magia Drive turdl3
24 00:23 Custom Velocity MtH
25 03:16 Moves Like Jeh Jeh toonlink
26 01:04 Speak With Your Pokemon's H3art MtH
27 03:33 Submarine of Choice THiNGYBOBinc
28 01:13 Een Zoete Droom MtH
29 05:42 Door into a Hundred Summers Nib Roc​
30 04:09 Cagayake Resort! (DS) MtH
31 03:54 Can You Feel The Sugar Nib Roc​
32 04:30 It Doesn't Even Matter Barney Rubble
33 01:54 Emerald Hill (not the one from Sonic 2) MtH
34 03:52 A Dylan's Pumpkin Soup (feat. Strong Bad) PinkieOats
35 03:36 Grand Dad Metropolis MtH
36 04:04 Knuckles da Rockwilder Nib Roc
37 01:35 Roygnic Xarlable
38 06:14 Sonic Refuel Riders Cryptrik
39 03:11 Uncontrollable Planet MtH
40 01:36 Pruane2 Getting His Ass Metal Scratched! Solid STRGG ft. Toonlink
41 03:38 Windy Hillation MtH
42 04:00 Door Into This Summer Chaze the Chat
43 05:27 Living In One More City Nib Roc
44 03:42 Rooftop Halation MtH
46 02:11 Dr. Eggman Snowdown MtH
47 03:06 Snow Doesn't Matter Barney Rubble
48 01:24 Sonic the H3H3dgehog Xarlable
49 02:04 Escape from the Endless Mine MtH
50 05:08 Our Sweet Passion How2BEpic
51 00:57 Jazz Jackrabbit & Knuckles Xarlable
52 02:45 Cryptrik Castle TUWieZ
53 02:57 Frog 2 Frog Nib Roc​
54 03:27 Feel Good Highway toonlink
55 01:50 Nocturne MtH
56 00:26 My Resort Island Chaze the Chat
57 03:57 Grand Dads with Glamourous Guitars MtH
58 03:33 Work Night Zone 1 Nib Roc
59 04:18 My Dr. Eggman Can't Be This Evil! Wilfred Wombat
60 01:42 "Planet Onii-Chan..." Albert Softie
61 00:51 That shitty flying battery remix from Sonic Generations Shengda Baba
62 01:23 Snow Possibility turdl3 and MtH
63 04:30 You May Never Go My Way Barney Rubble
64 04:22 sonic.exe.wav.aif Le Ruse Bird

Bonus Images[edit | edit source]

Seven .GIFs of a Sonic Adventure 2 mod that allows players to play as an on-foot Dr. Eggman are included in the album.

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