"A "drammatic" Announcement" is the announcement video of the album, Il settimo grande padre.

Summary Edit

The rip plays the ending scene from Kingdom Hearts. We also see the characters' faces be replaced with familiar faces on the SiIvaGunner channel:

In this rip, Angry Joe is going to defeat the characters with dislike bombs, but SiIvaGunner defeats him, with the power of the MF Like Button. Loud Nigra can be heard, screaming, as Angry Joe is getting killed.

At 1:07, it then plays a piano version of "Dearly Beloved" from Kingdom Hearts. A picture of the album that's next to a drawing of Sora can be seen. The proceeding information about the album appears as well.

Transcript Edit

ANGRY JOE: It is futile. High quality rips alone cannot triumph over hatred. Fans! Fire a dislike bomb, and fill me with the power of hatred... The supreme power of OdiO!

SIIVAGUNNER: You're wrong. I know now, without a doubt. The fans... are gonna hit that MF Like Button!

ANGRY JOE: Guh. Aahh. Guh. Like... Ah. But... why...

Video description Edit


I have a very special announcement. Over the lifetime of this channel, I have produced many rips of music created by one of my favorite composers, Yoko Shimomura, known for her work on Kingdom Hearts, Mario & Luigi, Super Mario RPG, and many other games.

Today, in honor of the 22nd anniversary of Live A Live, her first project with Square, where she produced a great deal of her most iconic work, I am releasing an album containing a selection of my most high quality rips of her music.

(Please don't purchase this. If there are no more download credits, please use one of the free mirrors. All money goes towards charity and free download credits)



Edit: The artist and track names are still getting corrupted! Why is this happening?

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