A HOT ONE is a high quality album released by SiIvaGunner on July 10, 2017. Released after the Smooth Anniversary of 2017, the album was made by President Haltmann after he killed Rob Thomas.

According to the album's release video, "A Hot Onennouncement", Thomas attempted to take over the channel and had to be eliminated. However, his last will forced Haltmann to release the compilation under threat of being sued.

Track list[edit | edit source]

No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Gerudo Barrio (the first Hot One on the channel)" wolfman1405 04:13
2. "Man, It's a Hot One" Avolience 04:52
3. "e" wolfman1405 01:25
4. "Tactical Three-Time Grammy Award-Winning Action" Hinchy 03:04
5. "Hot Ordeal! VS. Santana, Rob Thomas and friends" Kirbio 01:51
6. "nama jef" Santana feat. Jef Thomas of Jumpbox 22 04:53
7. "WHAM!tana (Fuckin' Bustin the Nut Before You Manage to Pull Out Mix)" wolfman1405 05:06
8. "So Smooth Jazz" Ahmaykmewsik 00:32
9. "Smooth of a Bachelor" Half Pixel 03:17
10. "You Go Hot One" Kirbio 02:29
11. "Santana Series for DS Vol. Hot 01 - The Smooth" trivial171 02:43
12. "mm2smooth.mid" wolfman1405 01:19
13. "elegante wind" Kirbio 02:09
14. "Kazmooth" wolfman1405 03:29
15. "The Angry Birds Sonic Dash Epic Rip" MtH 02:37
16. "Revenge of Santana Knight" trivial171 01:30
17. "smooth²" megamanlego 01:11
18. "Size of the ocean under the moon" Sonicheroesfan1 01:32
19. "Vmooth by Vantana ft. Vob Vhomas of Vatchbox 20 (20 pronounced in Spanish)" Voom Vuy 05:30
20. "So Long, Gaynor Wario" Jasper 03:19
21. "Serenade Like the Ocean" wolfman1405 & toonlink 00:21
22. "Little Bit Smooth" TitaniumRopeWars 02:53
23. "And El Mariachi (feat. Rob Thomas of DCMC 20)" Sean-Patrick 02:10
24. "The Pillar Men Theme" wolfman1405 04:30
25. "A Very Smooth Metroid Zero Mission Tourian Escape" ingx24 01:17
26. "Highway-lovania" Kirbio 01:25
27. "Smoothcore" Cryptrik 04:26
28. "K.K. Smooth Bossa" toonlink 01:46
30. "Riding on Smoothlight" Half Pixel 03:02
31. "Ironic Love" Chaze the Chat 04:15
32. "Battle! (Three-Time Grammy Award-Winning Summer Hit)" Dirty Spaceman 01:29
33. "Robbie Thomas" wolfman1405 02:22
34. "A smooth tutorial on how to make the hottest microgames" KnightOfGames 01:36
35. "I Shop with Rob Thomas Everyday" toonlink 02:02
36. "smooth of nothing fuckan birthday" wolfman1405 00:54
37. "A Smooth Battle With Linebeck" Hisa 00:46
39. "Smooth People" Hinchy 01:33
40. "Man It's A Hot Cavern" SmokyThrill77 01:47
41. "馬鹿みたい (cover en español)" wolfman1405 04:52
42. "K.K. Does the Mambo" toonlink 01:26
43. "A Haunted One" trivial171 01:54
44. "Crescent Smooth Village" Za Wario 01:57
45. "Fire Temple but all the muslim chanting is replaced with the three-time Grammy award-winning 1999 summer smash hit Smooth by Santana ft. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 off of the 15x platinum album Supernatural by Santana" ingx24 03:15
46. "Extremely Targeted Funk Joke (Vulfequita Mix)" wolfman1405 03:33
47. "LikeSeVVVVVVenInches" Ahmaykmewsik 04:09
48. "ホットワン" yodooder 01:46
49. "Rough" Solid STRGG 02:22
50. "feat. Jeff Thomas of Matchbox Frenzy" wheel able 02:10
51. "Santana & Rob Thomas get fukkan beaned" KnightOfGames 02:09
52. "Temple of Funny" toonlink 00:15
53. "Santana & Rob Thomas VS Fighting Polygon Team [vs​.​30]" SmokyThrill77 01:37
54. "Rush Hour (feat. Aesop Rock of Mallonbox 20)" Wobble 03:15
55. "Daigasso! Santana" Kirbio 00:08
56. "Game of Jagger" Chaze the Chat 04:15
57. "Final Rush but this version is much Smoother i think" ingx24 01:20
58. "7incINK" MtH 04:02
59. "Smooth Pinball" Kirbio 01:10
60. "Smooth Chameleon" Sonicheroesfan1 01:12
61. "I Want (Haruka's Too Hot For YouTube Mix)" Peacock Roy 01:59
62. "Man, It's Marble Zone" Hinchy 01:22
63. "Main Theme (Living Mix)" Za Wario 02:41
64. "Bolero of a Hot One" toonlink & wolfman1405 00:23
65. "Muñequita of Spirit" wolfman1405 00:25
66. "Let's play with a smooth rival ! (Draco Santauros' Theme)" Prims Sdfghjkl 01:16
67. "Santana Series for DS Vol. Hot 01 - The Game of Love" trivial171 01:14
68. "I Fucking Love WarioWare: Smooth Moves" wolfman1405 01:14
69. "Mann, it's a Halt Bridge" Kirbio 01:19
70. "Welcome to the Two-Time Spike TV Video Games Award-Winning 1995 Fall Hit Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest on the Best-Selling Console the Super Nintendo Entertainment System" wheel able 01:07
71. "Hotake and Jewme" wolfman1405 & toonlink 01:30
72. "Flying batteries may be hot ones during usage." KnightOfGames 02:00
73. "Scatmana (feat. Chrono of the Chrono Trigger Series)" wolfman1405 01:59
74. "Smooth and Milky" toonlink 02:26
75. "Do you like my Smooth Gardens (mm2wooded Kingdom) from Grand Dad Odyssey?" Kirbio 03:28
76. "Inspector Gadget, Fuma Mishandra, and Rob Thomas having a party at Dedede's Castle" Kirbio 01:44
77. "The Panic Smoothie" toonlink 02:51
78. "Man, It's a Nyet One" wolfman1405 00:20
79. "Smooth In Your Arms" Chaze the Chat 04:11
80. "Squeaky Wisdom ft. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20" Kirbio 03:00
81. "Kingdom Farts (feat. Zelda of the Ocarina of Time series)" wolfman1405 & toonlink 02:34
82. "Seven inches from Igneous Rock (virt ft. Freddiigunner)" Kirbio 02:43
83. "Haltmanna feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20" wolfman1405 04:56
84. "Smooth halation" toonlink & wolfman1405 04:19
85. "Sm15/16th" McBerklee Special 04:50
86. "Funky Cold Santana" wolfman1405 03:56

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Bonus Image[edit | edit source]

This album includes a single bonus image, which is another parody of the Smooth cover art but is instead themed after "We Are Number One", likely because it was released on Stefán Karl Stefánsson's birthday (which is on July 10).

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