"A Hot Onennouncement" is the announcement video for the album, A HOT ONE.

Content Edit

The rip parodies the ASPCA TV commercials, but it uses references to "Smooth" and Rob Thomas' and Carlos Santana's faces to replace the animal's faces.

The music consists of sad piano music and the vocals from the Main Theme - WarioWare: Smooth Moves rip.

Transcript Edit

Every year, thousands of barrios go without rhythm on the radio.

(Shots of Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas animal hybrids can be seen.)

Today, we are making an effort to make sure every possible hot one in the world is treated smoothly and with respect.

(More shots of Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas animal hybrids can be seen.)

For just 10 cents a day, you can too.

(A shot of the album cover appears.)
We want to thank you for supporting 90's kickass all over the world. So we're giving you "A HOT ONE" as thanks.

(A shot of the Haltmann Works Company logo appears.)
Haltmann Works Company. Let us be your neighborhood's Mona Lisa.

Video description Edit

Finally, after two weeks of nonstop fighting, I have managed to eliminate Rob Thomas, who tried until his last breath to take over my channel. His army of muñequitas managed to stall me, but profit will always prevail. Unfortunately, his last will is legally binding, so I have to release this dreadfully inadequate compilation for him, or else I could get sued.

If you insist on making a severe miscalculation, go here:

Please do not spend a single cent on this album, as I'd be legally obligated to donate it to his useless charity for Latinos (Konamigos) and I do not support Latinos. In fact, I hate Latinos so much, that if I ever hear "Smooth" again, I will ruthlessly eliminate every member of Matchbox 20.

EDIT: I just received a phone call from Thomas's estate telling me that his will mandates free mirrors along with the release. I'll add these "ASAP".

Google Drive:

Google Drive:

Trivia Edit

  • The mention of Thomas's "army of muñequitas" is a reference to a lyric in "Smooth" ("My muñequita, my Spanish Harlem, Monalisa"). "Muñequitas" means "little doll".
  • "Konamigos" is a possible reference to KONAMI, as it is not a word in Spanish. It is similar to "con amigos", which means "with friends".
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