"A Leap of Faith - SilvaGunner: Rebooted" is a high quality lore video and one of the final rips of the April Fools' Day 2021 event.


The video opens on a completely black screen as "P-R-O-G-R-A-M (Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection)" from Kirby Planet Robobot gradually fades in (with extra instruments that play the melody of "Ground Theme"). The SilvaGunner: Rebooted logo also slowly fades into view with a VHS filter over it. At 0:20, the sound of Mario performing backwards long jumps can be heard. At 0:24, we hear muffled audio of Mario saying his catchphrase before being cut off as the video distorts heavily with loud static-like noises. During this, the visuals continuously switch between the Rebooted logo and a segment of the "capturing Bowser" cutscene from Super Mario Odyssey, as a variety of Super Mario-related images briefly appear:

This is likely a callback to the Restoration Process seen in "A Grand New Era ~Ending~ - SilvaGunner: Rebooted", with many of its visual elements being directly inspired by that segment.


  • The usage of backwards long jumping audio alludes to the Parallel Universe concept in Super Mario 64, which itself references the alternate universe the Reboot arc takes place in.
  • The name "A Leap of Faith" might refer to how leaping is a synonym of Mario's signature move, jumping.
  • The Platform section references the 3 games included in Super Mario 3D All-Stars: Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64, Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube, and Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii.


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