"A MAGnificent Leak!" is a high quality announcement video for the SiIvaGunner team's appearance at the video game and video game music festival MAGFest 2019. It was released during the Grinch takeover, and is presented as a "leak" from the Grinch.


The Grinch has taken over the SiIvaGunner channel, and after his noted success in leaking the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, he decides to ruin the fun for SiIva's fans by leaking some of the channel's biggest surprises. In this video, he leaks his first surprise: SiIvaGunner is planning a panel, autograph session, and live online Q&A at MAGFest 2019, a four-day video game music extravaganza, January 3rd through 6th. Unfortunately for the Grinch, however, Max informs him that this appearance has already been announced, so he'll have to find something else to leak if he wants to spoil anyone's fun.

The details are as follows:

January 3-6, 2019

Gaylord Hotel, National Harbor, MD

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[The video opens with a "SiIvaGunner" logo animation closely based on this Illumination Pictures logo animation, except the last Minion's voice quickly turns into Loud Nigra, much to the bewilderment of the other Minions.]

[Transition to a slideshow that takes up the rest of the video, mostly being pictures of the 2018 Grinch at his computer.]

The Grinch: Hello, fans of SiIvaGunner! It's me, Illumination's The Grinch!

[Cut to the Grinch's computer screen, displaying the SiIvaGunner channel.]

I've taken over the SiIvaGunner channel, and obviously, I'm going to use my power to the fullest extent.

[Cut to a promo image for Honda's "UNhappy Honda Days" event, where the Grinch took over the @Honda Twitter account, except "Honda" is crudely edited into "SiIva".]

SiIvaGunner is a guy who likes surprises [cut to SiIvaGunner's head edited over someone surrounded by balloons and confetti], and I hate surprises! Almost as much as I hate...

[Slideshow stops, and performer drops character.]

Chri-- Chris? I'm-- I'm droppin' character here for a second, um... Chris from high school? [Insert picture of a kid in a hoodie.] Yeah, you were really mean to me for four years. Um... Kind-- You're kind of an asshole, dude... and I... I hate you. Uh, but getting back to the Grinch, he hates, um... Uh...

[Slideshow resumes, and performer resumes character.]

Christmas! Anyway... Just like I ruined Christmas in my feature film!

[Cut to a slideshow of posters for The Grinch.]

Announcer: Critics are raving! Rolling Stone calls it "a mediocre one!" Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times calls it "not the kind of Grinch you'll want to see each year!" [Cut to picture of Yoda] With a 57% "Fresh" rating on RottenTomatoes, you better get your ass to the theaters now [Cut to poster for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial], and watch Illumination's The Grinch! Out now!

[Cut back to the Grinch.]

The Grinch: I'm going to ruin some of SiIvaGunner's biggest surprises while I'm in control here! So, first things first. The Gunner was going to reveal this real soon, but I've taken the honors for myself!

SiIvaGunner is going back to MAGFest!

[Cut to the MAGFest logo.]

Boom. Big reveal.

[Photos of MAGFest and relevant locations.]

In case you're not aware, MAGFest is a four-day video game music extravaganza, taking place just outside of... [stumbling] ...Washinguhtown DC. In National Harbor, Mae-rye-land. January 3rd through 6th.

Mr. Gunner seems to be planning a panel and autograph session, as well as an online Q&A, this time around.

Well, there you have it! This leak should do the trick to ruin their announcement!

What's that, Max? They've already been announced!? Fine! I'll have to find something new to leak then!

[Cut to the MAGFest logo, with the relevant date, address, and URL.]

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Welcome to my reign over the SiIvaGunner channel! #GrinchTakeover

MAGFest details:

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