"A New Day (JP Version) - Sonic Rush" is a high quality rip of the JP Version of "A New Day" from Sonic Rush.


The rip is a mashup of "A New Day" from Sonic Rush and "Moshi Moshi" by Poppy. Then starting at 0:55, a modified version of "Your Best Friend" from Undertale. This song goes on throughout. And at around 2:39, below the logo is a visual element, wherein a puppy can be seen sliding from the right to the center. At the left side, the Annoying Dog from Undertale can be seen, accompanied by a cameo of "Dogsong" from the same game. The puppy gets shocked and runs to the left as he is chased by the Annoying Dog. At 3:09, the modified version of "Your Best Friend" has the melody play "Meet the Flintstones".

There could be a reason as to why "Moshi Moshi" and "Your Best Friend" is used as the jokes. The song "Moshi Moshi" has the lyrics: "Time to say hello to a new day.", referencing the title of the song. There's also this part: "Have a cup of tea with my very best friend" which is a reference to "Your Best Friend".

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