"A Nice Announcement" is the announcement video to promote the album, The SilvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special: Volume 8​-​Bit Beast.

Summary Edit

The rip shows the 8-Bit Beast yawning in the Tengami tower at night. At 0:10, once the lightning strikes, it's revealed that the 8-Bit Beast was Wood Man all along.

The song "Haunted House" comes in at the end.

Video description Edit
hey idiots, woodman here with an all new album just in time for halloween! this all new albubm features 175 very scary tracks. most of them suck imo there's only like 6 good tracks and they're all remixes of my theme. so yeah get it for free or if you wanna pay for it the money will go to charity or something. nice.

free dl mirors

mp3 (nice):!0Id1FSAQ!UtskxODxDy9ll1Q2g0mcNZ1vraPtkpCb9ZdnoLHvh0w
flac (nice):!5IVQ1IwT!oFXAUbbAi6iU48kC0Wu74zU_XrIo0BlewX0GELWTKtY


EDIT: nice

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