"A Song for the Fireflies - Rime" is a high quality rip of "A Song for the Fireflies" from Rime.


The rip starts off normally, but then at 0:29, a subtitle appears along with someone speaking in Japanese. Then the image is replaced with a clip from the Studio Ghibli film Grave of the Fireflies. In this clip, Seita gives Setsuko a fruit drop. However, the subtitles are of dialogue not actually spoken in the film. In addition the fruit drops in the clip are replaced with the heads of Grand Dad, Smol Nozomi, Inspector Gadget, and Robbie Rotten. Seita gives the Grand Dad fruit drop, to which Setsuko happily reacts saying "Flintstones!". At 1:44, according to the made-up subtitles, she says: "Grand Dad what the fuck Grand Dad What the shit Grand Dad?!", referencing Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD. Seita happily laughs to this. While this scene plays out, the background music has subtle moments of "Goodbye To A World" played along with the orchestra (most notably at 0:54, 1:07, and 1:33).

The clip cuts to black and at 1:56, the scene is now of rain pouring over Kobe, Japan during the final months of World War II. At 2:03, AVANNA can be faintly heard singing the lyrics of "Goodbye To A World", until she stops after "And give life to a world." At 2:32, there is a Kanji text at the bottom. When translated to English, it reads:

Takahata Isao

29 October 1935 - 5 April 2018

Trivia Edit

  • This rip is a tribute to Isao Takahata, the co-founder of Studio Ghibli (along with his long-time collaborative partner, Hayao Mizayaki). Grave of the Fireflies was his first film for Studio Ghibli.
  • October 29 was also the upload date of the final Channel Ending rip.
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