"A Town Called Hometown - Deltarune" is a high quality rip of "A Town Called Hometown" from Deltarune.


This is a Deltarune reenactment of the video "im here to see doom" by 3pac shakir.

Transcript Edit

[Kris walks through Hometown to a melodyswap of "sans." with "Rapp Snitch Knishes"/"Coffin Nails". The clip loops over at an increasing speed and stutters.

The music then switches to the advertised track as Kris walks over to Sans, who is standing by the door of his grocery store.

They have the following dialogue:]

You tell Sans that you're here to see MF Doom.

Sans: mf doom?

Kris: MF Doom.

Sans: [with tiny text, a high-pitched voice, and a cheeky expression] mf doom.

[The first sequence repeats, but flipping horizontally, with increasing audio spikes, and a bloat effect on the last note.]


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