"A Vocal Announcement" is the high quality announcement video for the album Hatsilva Miku: Ripping DIVA.

Video description Edit
Haltmann Works Company has not partnered with Domino's Pizza and YAMAHA to bring you an all new album of rips celebrating the 10th birthday of the international virtual pop sensation, VOCALOID and Hatsune Miku!

This album of the future is available for free!

Free download on Google Drive:

Free download on MEGA:

Content Edit

The video begins with Hatsune Miku saying "Miku forever", followed immediately by a loud rendition of "Scotland the Brave" played only on bagpipes while Hatsune Miku continues repeating "Miku forever". Audio from "ドミノ・ピザ「Domino's App feat. 初音ミク」" (an announcement for a promotional Dominos application featuring Hatsune Miku) also appears in the video.

The visuals of the rip include the torso of Sean Connery (a Scottish actor) edited with Hatsune Miku's hair, a drawing of a smol Hatsune Miku (originally by Triple-Q[1]) that repeatedly and rapidly flips horizontally, a screenshot from the Dominos App announcement video, and an illustration of Hatsune Miku eating pizza (drawn by Sean-Patrick[2]). The screenshot and illustration orbit the Connery in the clockwise direction, and Connery's face is zoomed into as the video progresses.

The rip parodies "THEME OF SCOTLAND SCOTLAND FOREVER SCOTLAND REMIX" (also very loud), a video with Sean Connery's face, the loud "Scotland the Brave" rendition, a man yelling "Scotland" and "Scotland Forever", and audio from pornography mixed into it.

Trivia Edit

  • The audio of the rip was included as a bonus track in Hatsilva Miku: Ripping DIVA called "THEME OF MIKU MIKU FOREVER MIKU REMIX".
  • The "Domino's App featuring Hatsune Miku" video was parodied by multiple rips uploaded during the Hatsune Miku's Birthday event.
  • "Scotland Forever" was previously used in "Drunken Pipe Bomb - Team Fortress 2"

References Edit

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