"A leaky announcement" is the high quality announcement video for the album E3 2019 Press Kit.


The video is designed to mirror that of a poorly-edited YouTube video, created by a user under the alias of "DiaperGaming64". This is shown in several ways, including:

  • The user having a name for their fanbase, calling them the "soiled diapers"
  • The video having an intro and outro, featuring the user's logo: a diaper that is covered in poop, with "DiaperGaming64" written below it, as well as rock music much louder than the user's commentary
  • The user asking their viewers to like, comment and subscribe, as well as to join their Discord channel and support them on Patreon

The video contains many fake E3 announcements before revealing the E3 2019 Press Kit.

The video begins with the aforementioned intro. Afterward, DiaperGaming64 showcases their first leak: that John Wick will be playable in Team Fortress 2 as the game's tenth class, included in the game's final update. Included with this is a comic written by David Cage and illustrated by Meme50, solely accessible on Fakku due to its "explicit content".

The next leak claims that the employees at Nintendo Headquarters leave the toilet seat up when they go to the toilet, and the final dubious leak refers to the existence of a 33rd unlockable character for King for Another Day Tournament in the form of Nico Yazawa from Love Live! School idol festival. This character's apparent unlock method is to perform the "Nico Nii" 999 times.

DiaperGaming64 then announces the E3 2019 Press Kit, which was supposedly given to them by a "weird wooden robot" (implied to be Wood Man), and points viewers to the album's Bandcamp link, located in the video description. The video rounds off with an outro, which is identical to the intro.

Transcript Edit

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What's up, soiled diapers? This is DiaperGaming64, your number one source for leaks fresh from the leaky diaper of video games. And oh boy, do I have some hot leaks for you! E3 might be over, but I still have some hot, smelly leaks coming at y'all! First of all, one of my anonymous sources has confirmed that John Wick, of Fortnite and Cyberpunk 2077 fame, will be coming to Team Fortress 2 as the tenth class. This will apparently be TF2's final update, and it will come with a final TF2 comic, which is written by David Cage and illustrated by Meme50, and will be hosted exclusively on Fakku, due to its explicit content.

This next leak comes from yours truly! I snuck into Nintendo's headquarters, and I can confirm that they leave the toilet seat up. How gross is that? Uncultured swines...

Another stinky leak, coming at y'all! Apparently, there will actually be a secret 33rd unlockable character in SiIvaGunner's King for Another Day tournament, and it is none other than Nico Yazawa! That's right, Nico Yazawa is in the tournament, but she can only be unlocked if you perform the Nico Nii 999 times.

[A voice can be heard saying "Alert! Alert!"]

And now, for my final leak, my steamy present to you... That's right! I have the E3 2019 Press Kit right here! This was given to me by some weird, wooden robot. I've taken a look at this demo disk, and it has all the music that was featured at E3 in high quality! You can get this shit for free by clicking the link in the description below.

Thanks for tuning in! I love leaking fresh gaming shit out of my asshole, but I can't do it without the support from you guys. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, join my Discord, become a Patreon backer, and please give me more followers, because nothing is cooler than revealing trade secrets and spoiling the hard work of developers for some of that sweet, sweet clout. This is DiaperGaming64, shitting out.

Video description Edit

Hope you like this EPIC album leak!

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  • Despite being an album announcement, this video is not included in the "Announcements" playlist. Instead, it is featured in the E3 2019 playlist.
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