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"A reminder from Studio Gunner!" is a high quality reminder encouraging viewers to read the interviews posted on the King for Another Day Tournament MOJO!!.


The video is formatted in the same style as the interviews on the MOJO!!, featuring Meowth, Unregistered HyperCam 2 and Wobbuffet. The video consists of Meowth reminding the viewer of the existence of said interviews and divulging certain details about them, including the presence of bonus characters that aren't in the tournament and the occasional inclusion of "special artwork".

Meowth also mentions that a list of all interviews in chronological order is available in the video description. In reality, the description contains a message from John Notwoodman, stating that the list was "too big" and instead providing a link to an online document with the full list.


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[The song Double Trouble (Team Rocket's REALLY Rockin' Remix) begins playing.]

MeowthHey everyone, Meowth here! The team wishes you well, and hope you have been enjoying the tournament so far!
I'd like to take this intermission time as an opportunity to remind you all of the interviews that me and HyperCam have been doin'!

UHC2me nd mouth have been workng rly hard on deez, wud be cool if u checked them out ;)

MeowthIn the description below, there is a list of every interview or piece of writing that we've done so far! There's a lot in there, but we promise it's all worth your time!
We originally set out to just interview the contestants. But they've turned into much more than just that now! From contestants bringing in guest characters from their sources during interviews, to bonus interviews being held with characters that ain't even in the tournament! There's even some special art in some of the interviews!

UHC2spoilerz: cool meme team h*cking dies a bunch :O

MeowthY-yeah... Like I'm saying, there's a lot going on at Studio Gunner! Hm? Y-you don't know what Studio Gunner is? It's the studio where we do all of these interviews! We have a lot of staff working here to keep things rolling!


UHC2wobob here makes sure no 1 esle getz murderd :)

MeowthThere's also the Gaylord Hotel, where all of the contestants are staying during the duration of the tournament! Anyway, it's been a fun project so far and worth the read if you want some more insight into some contestants and learn more about them!
As stated before, the chronological list of interviews is posted down in the description, as well as a link to the SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Mojo!! We'll be posting all of the interviews on there. So don't forget to check the Mojo! We hope you enjoy the rest of the tournament!

UHC2something funny.