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Directly after Cartoon Network Day, beginning at 19:59 PDT on October 24, 2020 and ending at midnight PDT on October 26, 2020, SiIvaGunner celebrated Cartoon Network's sister channel, Adult Swim, in the form of a channel event.

Rips uploaded

All of the rips uploaded on this day had jokes related to Adult Swim and several shows on it.

Several already established jokes that happened to relate to Adult Swim were used more frequently during the event, such as Bird Up!, Totino's, and "im here to see doom" (relating to Danger Doom). Additionally, more rips featuring Tyler, the Creator were added (relating to Loiter Squad).

The video description's catchphrase during the event was "Please tune into the channel description." However, for the finale rip; The Swamps (Act 03) (Alpha Mix) - The Smurfs (NES), the catchphrase used was "The Channel Description is your enemy.", a reference to the The Dawn Is Your Enemy sign off bumper.


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