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For the lore explanation of albums, see Albums [FILE-12] - Haltmann's Archives.

SiIvaGunner periodically releases their rips in albums. Most of the albums are available on Bandcamp, though three albums are only on YouTube. The albums are one of the only components of the channel that break the kayfabe, since they show the actual rippers of the channel and the "true" track names.


Albums usually comprise SiIvaGunner rips that have been previously released on YouTube, although occasionally tracks are first released or only released on albums. Most are much longer than typical studio albums, with track counts in the hundreds. Some albums, such as Inspector Gunner, are dedicated to recent channel events, whereas most others, such as SiIvaGunner's Highest Quality Rips: Volume AI, are compilations of recent rips. A few albums, such as KORIBALL, were released for comedic purposes.

Thousands of rips have never been released in albums; tracks are manually selected for inclusion in albums, and most album tracks are probably internally considered to be among the best SiIvaGunner rips.


Currently, there are 83 of them, with 78 being available on Bandcamp.

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SiIvaGunner Albums
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