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""Albums [FILE-12] - Haltmann's Archives" is a lore video and the twelfth "file" in Haltmann's Archives. It documents the in-universe justification for the albums, rips uploaded to Bandcamp for the benefit of the SiIvaGunner audience (and charity), and to show which contributors made what rips.


The video is formatted like all Haltmann's Archives videos starting with "[FILE-02]".

The FILE begins with a description of how SiIvaGunner outputs albums in the form of a Blu-ray disc. These discs are similar to the Cores - superweapons created by governments for national security purposes. The file briefly mentions the Channel Ending event, in which SiIvaGunner uploaded rips en-masse, and Haltmann's own album. It is also mentioned that the metadata on the albums is unreadable because it contains knowledge of the real world, and that all proceeds are donated to charity.


[Haltmann's Archives]

Every so often, [SiIvaGunner] would output an extreme source of energy in the form of a green Blu-ray disc. As previous files have mentioned, these discs have similar energy waves to that of the [Cores] -- superweapons developed by various governments for protection purposes.

These albums would come out every month or so, but on the tail end of September, SilvaGunner put out many, many albums before going into stasis-- as if he knew his time was short.

These discs do not hold as much power as Cores, but they have several similarities--content, inscribings, attributions. Our highest-grade brute force programs cannot seem to decode the metadata on these albums.

We hypothesize that the metadata is unreadable because it comes from [the world beyond ours]

In any case, our Synthesis Department has had major success fabricating albums of our own--but for some reason, all our profits end up being inexplicably donated to charities.



  • The video description lists the title as "Music: Albums" instead of "File: Albums" like all other Haltmann's Archives rips. It also has a catchphrase, unlike the other episodes.
  • This FILE explains the Cores, which were first mentioned all the way back in "[FILE-01]". It also references "[FILE-08]", which drew parallels between the albums and cores.
  • In the CCC episode "Old Times", Wood Man states that his knowledge of the real world allowed him to read the metadata on the albums.
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