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"Alphys Takes Action - Alphys NEO" is a high quality rip of "Alphys Takes Action" from the Undertale fan-game Alphys NEO.

Created by Blazephlozard, the fan-game has the player fight the character Alphys. The song is a remix of "Alphys", and is the sole track in the fan-game.


The rip has several segments where the melody of "Alphys Takes Action" is replaced by other songs. At 0:30, the "Meet the Flintstones" melody is played with the piano and brass. At 0:51, the brass plays the melody of "Snow halation", followed by "Enemy Approaching" replaced by "Dogsong". At 1:18, "ASGORE" in the background is replaced with "The Next Episode". At 1:38 and beyond, the "Megalovania" melody replaces the remix's original leitmotifs. The Flintstones melody can be subtly heard in many of the background instruments throughout.

The rip contains a simple animation of Alphys underneath the Undertale logo, whose eyes regularly shift around.


  • coffe-K, the original remix's composer, provided the stems and soundfonts, as well as gave final approval of the rip.
  • The rip was originally uploaded on the fan channel BrawlBRSTMs3 X (then known as BrawIBRSTMs3). This upload features a secret easter egg ending present within the fan game itself.
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