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"Ambiguous Fusion Collab" is a high quality fusion collaboration featuring twenty-two different arrangements of "Ambiguous" by GARNiDELiA, the second OP to Kill la Kill. It was originally released without visuals in the album STUDIO TRIGGER QUALITY MUSIC WORKS on August 22, 2021, before being premiered on the SiIvaGunner channel on October 23, initially with the title "???" before being renamed.[1]


Each segment has its own visuals. With the exceptions of the first two segments, the visuals mostly feature art of a character related to the style in question.

Time Style Author Visual/Character
0:00 Western Sarvéproductions An animation of Ryuko Matoi meeting Redwood
0:21 Famitracker VRC6 Ethan Footage of Kill la Kill's second opening title sequence
0:28 Original arrangement with samples of Bremerton from Azur Lane COCONABE Bremerton
0:40 GXSCC fusoxide GASHISOFT
0:51 Nokia N-Gage Nokia Snake
1:01 Hypnospace Outlaw PsychLantern Hypnospace Outlaw
1:12 Mario Kart DS Bruh de la Boi Princess Daisy
1:23 "We Are Number One" Emm Bee Sea Robbie Rotten
1:34 Puyo Pop Fever ChickenSuitGuy Popoi
1:45 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sarvéproductions Master Hand
1:55 Super Ghostbusters Bruh de la Boi Ghost Johnson
2:06 "Astronaut in the Ocean" Blookerstein Masked Wolf
2:16 "Athletic BGM" from Super Mario Bros. 3 with Old Spice ad samples, referencing "Terry's Athletic Bodywash" by Mowtendoo, MMaker, and beat_shobon Arados Terry Crews
2:28 "mm2wood" Ethan Wood Man
2:39 Mega Man X Emm Bee Sea Spark Mandrill
2:49 Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest PsychLantern Benjamin
3:00 Polka Ethan and ThePopStarDude ft. vince94 "Weird Al" Yankovic
3:11 Kirby: Squeak Squad Emm Bee Sea Kirby
3:24 Pokémon Black & White SHF1 N
3:46 Shovel Knight Ethan Shovel Knight
3:57 Bastion Blookerstein The Kid
4:08 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Ethan Kamina, followed by footage of Kill la Kill's second opening title sequence


Project Directors: Ethan, SHF1

0:00 Sarvéproductions - Western
0:21 Ethan - Famitracker VRC6
0:29 COCONABE - Original Style ft. Bremerton
0:40 fusoxide - GXSCC
0:51 fusoxide - Nokia N-Gage
1:01 PsychLantern - Hypnospace Outlaw
1:12 Bruh de la Boi - Mario Kart DS
1:23 Emm Bee Sea - We Are Number One
1:34 ChickenSuitGuy - Puyo Pop Fever
1:45 Sarvéproductions - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
1:55 Bruh de la Boi - Super Ghostbusters
2:06 Blookerstein - Astronaut in the Ocean
2:17 Arados - Terry's Athletic Bodywash
2:28 Ethan - mm2wood
2:39 Emm Bee Sea - Mega Man X
2:49 PsychLantern - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
3:00 Ethan and ThePopStarDude ft. vince94 - Polka
3:11 Emm Bee Sea - Kirby: Squeak Squad
3:24 SHF1 - Pokémon Black & White
3:46 Ethan - Shovel Knight
3:57 Blookerstein - Bastion
4:08 Ethan - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (DS)

Editing: Ethan
Artwork: 813N, ArtMark88, atlaszodiac, Bacun, Biff, CherryStarArt, clownhaus, Galacksy, Lisa, moralem, PsychLantern, Sarvéproductions, SHF1, SmokyThrill77
Special Thanks: andrés, Grambam36, Jp, eg_9371, Mowtendoo



  1. Tweet by @GiIvaSunner; Oct 23, 2021
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