"An announcement for investors" is the announcement video for The Voice's Highest Quality Video Game Rips. It features a fake commercial for President Haltmann's Haltmann Works Company.

Summary Edit

The video is a commercial for Haltmann Works Company featuring all the pitfalls of modern advertisements, such as stock footage, meaningless buzzwords, and pleasant music. In short, the album contains the best of the rips uploaded during The Voice Inside Your Head's takeover of the channel.

Transcript Edit

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"Haltmann Works Company is the market leader of music-based Total Quality Management. We at Haltmann Works Company always focus on our core pillars: The four P's! Profit, Productivity and Proficiency. In that, Priority.

Our best-of-breed employees are always working around the clock, synergising core operational quality products to bring you the highest fidelity, cross-platform rips, seamlessly integrated across global international networks from around the world.

We've successfully distilled the key products and assets of the previous leader, The Voice, and to several hundreds of easy to distribute compact discs. Titled "The Voices Highest Quality Rips", this collection of authentic musical pieces perfectly encapsulate what our acquisition of the Silvagunner brand is all about; market proven strategic investor friendly content released fast on-time and on-budget.

Globalization is imminent. Quality is eternal. Haltmann works company, pay and ergonomic seating. Acquire The Voices Highest Quality Rips today."

Video description Edit

Haltmann Works Company is proud to announce the release of "The Voice's Highest Quality RIps", an all new convenient streaming-audio solution for your daily, profitable lives!

Our cutting-edge, proven solution provides integrated, cross-platform High Quality Rips and Rip-Based Derivatives™ (Mash-Ups, Slam Jams, etc.). Based on revolutionary SiIvaGunner IP, and further developed by our CEO and Founder Max P. Haltmann, innovate quickly and easily today with Haltmann Works Co, Ltd.'s worldwide crowdsourcing and distribution network. Don't let yourself fall out of the digital age!

Paying for this album is not recommended for maximum profit. Any proceeds will be forwarded to third-party charities. Here are some financially-friendly free mirrors (coming soon):



Background song Edit

The song that plays in the background of the rip is called "Haltmann's Business Startup". It is a parody of generic commercial songs. It contains Patched Plains / The Noble Haltmann, "Snow halation", and "GO MY WAY!!".

Trivia Edit

  • The text at the bottom of the end card reads:

By downloading this album, you hereby declare that all your owned properties and financial assets are now property of Haltmann Works company and its subsidiaries. By downloading "The Voice's Highest Quality Rips" you agree to military service in the Haltmann militia when local/national/galatic war occurs. Failure to adhere to these conditions is punishable by death.

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