"An announcement for the Master Race (4K) (1080p) (60fps) (VR)" is the high quality announcement video for the album PC Master Rips.

Content Edit

The video begins with a short parody of the YouTube series Zero Punctuation using Gabe Newell's "Welcome to Team Fortress 2" developer commentary from Team Fortress 2. Newell's commentary is sentence-mixed to say comedic things.

After the parody, the "PC Master Rips Anthem" track from the PC Master Rips album plays.

It should be noted that the PC Master Race meme came out of a Zero Punctuation video.

Transcript Edit

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GabeN: "Hi this is Gabe Newell. Welcome to PC Master Rips episode three." (Crowd: "yey")

GabeN: "After ten thousand Flintstones remixes (CHRIST THAT'S A LOT) hopefully it will have been worth the wait."

GabeN: "And my favorite song is the Snow halation." (Nozomi: "G-Gaben-sama...")

GabeN: "Thanks, and have fuck. Uh, I mean 'fun.'" (shit)

Video description Edit

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Bandcamp: (profits go to charity, please use the free mirrors instead!)
I am proud to present PC MASTER RIPS, an album dedicated to the PC! Featuring over 150 high-quality tracks ripped from PC games, optimized to run at the highest framerates known to mankind.




EDIT: Damnit, when will Valve patch this damn miscrediting bug?

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 | 64-bit OS
Processor: Intel i7
Memory: 7 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 770
Storage: 7 GB available space

OS: Windows 77 | 777-bit OS
Processor: Intel i7 Smol Version
Memory: 77 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX Ultra Goddamn Big-Ass Titan (SLI)
Storage: 777 TB available space

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