"Announcement Theory: MOTHER - Sens's SECRET Identity!" is the high quality announcement video for the album 7 GRAND MOTHER.

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The video is a parody of the Saturn Valley Coffee Break Sequence from EarthBound. A Flintstones edit of "Coffee Break" plays in the background of the video.

The thumbnail of the video is a parody of MatPat's "Game Theory: UNDERTALE - Sans's SECRET Identity!" which is embodied by Sans is Ness and Sens.

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You've traveled very far from low quality...
Do you remember how your long and winding journey began with stumbling upon a high quality rip? It was probably Slider, the former most popular high quality rip on this channel, which you stumbled upon that fateful day.
On your way, you have listened, commented and liked. Yet through all this, you have never lost your love of rips. You have grown steadily wiser, though you have experienced the pain of GiIva ending many times.
You are no longer alone in your adventure, 35,000 subscribers from the original channel and 24,000 from this one join you in your quest for high quality video game rips. As you certainly know by now, you are not a regular young YouTuber... You have an awesome destiny to fulfill.
The journey from this point will be high quality, and it will be more awesome than anything you have undergone to this point. Yet, I know you will be all right. When Grand Dad battles lazy Space Jams, which side do you believe wins? Do you have faith that Grand Dad is triumphant?
One thing you must never lose is your love of high quality rips. If you believe in the rips you are striving for, you will be stylish. There are many amazing times ahead, but you must keep your sense of humor, work through the low quality rips and enjoy yourself.
When you have finished this video, your adventure will begin again. Next, you must read the video description and download this high quality rip album.
Grand Dad...
I only upload high quality video game rips...

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Happy Mother's Day, everyone! To celebrate, I've compiled an album of music from the MOTHER series, and also threw in some extra songs that remind me of that series :)

Bandcamp: (I've said this a million times, but please don't buy the album. If we run out of free download credits, please use one of the free mirrors below to download the album. If you buy the album, all proceeds will go towards charity, free download credits, and making rips even higher quality; I will not pocket a cent of the money)

MEGA MP3:!HBdyhSob!U8mMv5RnMm... FLAC:!LF1BxJJR!5vnz_bTk_0...


Edit: Oh shoot! The stupid corruption thing happened again. I'm sorry, but the names of the songs and the artists all got corrupted again. I'm sorry.

Please read the channel description.

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