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"Anomalies, Portals and Fabrications [FILE-04] - Haltmann's Archives" is a lore video and the fourth "file" in Haltmann's Archives. It documents the fake games that the SiIvaGunner team rip as an excuse to upload non-video game music, as well as some of the other lore related rips such as the Mr Rental arc and "Opening Scene - Waluigi's Tacostand".


The video is formatted like all Haltmann's Archives videos starting with "[FILE-02]".

The text documents the various anomalies and imagined games related to SiIvaGunner, including the fake games and tracks SiIvaGunner rips. One such example is Waluigi's Tacostand, which contains the fake-out Christmas Comeback Crisis finale now-titled "Opening Scene". The fake game was created by The Voice Inside Your Head, and allowed portals to form between rips and even in the real world. The text also mentions a Figment Transportation Device owned by Haltmann Works Co., and the company's want to capture a certain Figment using the portals so that they use it as a replacement for the Transportation Device.


[Haltmann's Archives]

[SilvaGunner] is primarily known to rip real games.
But, despite his unending drive, he has made some mistakes - ripping songs that do not exist within a game, and even ripping from non-existent games entirely.

One of the crowning examples is [Mr. Rental: The Video Game] - one he has fabricated almost entirely out of his own imagination.
[Mr. Rental] is of course, a real mascot, but the video game itself does not exist.

Of course, [The Voice Inside Your Head] seems to be aware of SilvaGunner's anonmalies, and has attempted to crete his own fake games in order to further his production of [Christmas Spirit], but at an even harder rate than SilvaGunner, and some of them even less believable than the last ones.

Despite this, all of the fake games still have some grounds in real life elements, such as [Robbie Rotten's Ice Cream Stand], [e] and even [Steve Harvey].

One of his more experimental fake games, [Waluigi's Tacostand], seems to have created some kind of anomalous portal. This portal has been observed to appear in other rips, and even within the real world. Perhaps it could be a more efficient substitute for our [Figment Transport Device]?

There is no currently known way to replicate the portal manually; Haltmann Works Co. has attempted to create other fake games in order to do so, but this has proven unsuccessful so far.

One particular [Figment] has been seen using these portals, which could be the solution.
However, data on this Figment is sparse, as it has been quite elusive and hard to analyze.

We hope to capture it soon...




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