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April Fools' Day was celebrated by SiIvaGunner, or rather GiIvaSunner (i), in 2016. This is the only channel event that took place on the original GiIvaSunner channel.


This event actually had a rather lengthy setup that began in February 2016 with the upload of "Grand Metropolis (Unused Demo) - Sonic Heroes", a completely unedited rip. This was followed up with several more unedited "Grand Metropolis" rips throughout the month of March 2016.

On March 30th, two "Grand Metropolis" rips were uploaded. Then, "A N N O U N C E M E N T" was uploaded, announcing the very first album, GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1. This was the first video in the channel's history to not be a "high quality rip", causing much suspicion among fans. The suspicion escalated with the upload of "Last Goodbye - Undertale", the final upload of that day.

GiIvaSunner did not upload anything at all on March 31st, instead letting people think the channel had ended.

Then, on April Fools' Day proper, several unedited video game tracks were uploaded to the channel: the entire soundtrack to The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy and three rips that resembled "Meet the Flintstones" without being edited at all. Meanwhile, the real GilvaSunner (L) uploaded "Final Destination - Super Smash Bros. Brawl".

Then the FLAC version of GiIvaSunner's HighestQuality Video Game Rips Volume 2 was released. Soon after, GiIvaSunner uploaded "Grand Metropolis - Sonic Heroes", which was actually edited this time, and also the final rip of this event.

GiIvaSunner then made a tweet saying "I quit." which had many people believing that the channel was over yet again.[1] However, this was later followed up by a tweet saying that he only quit making his "remixes" and that he would continue to upload high quality rips.[2]

On the next day, April 2nd, "(APRIL FOOLS REMIX)" was added to the title of all of the unedited rips uploaded on April Fools' Day. All of the April Fools' Day rips were also compiled into a playlist, but since none of the "remixes" were ever reuploaded to SiIvaGunner, this playlist no longer exists.

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