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"BBC News - Sean Kingston dies of stroke 9 weeks after jet ski accident" is a high quality rip of "BBC News" from Sean Kingston dies of stroke 9 weeks after jet ski accident.


The rip is an edited version of a since-deleted video of the same name uploaded by YouTube user iTzzSteveO on August 14, 2011, showing a series of fake BBC News screenshots proclaiming that Sean Kingston had died after a jet ski accident. While Kingston did indeed experience a near-fatal jet-skiing accident in May 2011, he did not actually die from this event. The video description lacks the usual format, and instead copies the description of iTzzSteveO's video.

The audio is silent until 0:16, when it becomes a short mashup of "Intro" by Sean Kingston and "Snow halation", with a voice clip from Love Live! playing at 0:44, and "Intro"'s melody being briefly changed to "Snow halation" at 0:49.

At 0:18, a clip of the word "Jeff" from 22 Jump Street plays faintly after Sean Kingston says "I go by the name".