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"Bad Moon Rising - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" is a high quality lore video and a bonus episode of The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis. It was the reward for completing The SiIvaGunner CCC ARG.

The video is notorious for its gratuitous use of hate speech and racial slurs, and was removed from YouTube due to violating the YouTube terms of service. Before then, it was unlisted on the Flustered Fernando channel.


This video is centered around Moon Man, an interpretation of McDonald's Mac Tonight who is a white supremacist, going on a racist rampage. It starts out looking like a CCC episode, but degrades in quality over time. The events of the episode take place between "Loves the Ladies" and "An Acrimonious Assault", but ultimately end up being erased from the timeline with (almost) everything returning to how it was at the end of "Loves the Ladies". However, one of the mid-credits scenes shows how Parappa joined the Rapper's Union between those two episodes.

The actual episode only lasts for around half the video's runtime; after the credits roll, the video is interrupted by Moon Man (whose voice is rendered in the usual text-to-speech associated with him), and he gives a brief public service announcement about keeping household cleaning supplies out of reach of children. He then announces an exclusive album for fans visiting the SiIvaGunner team at MAGfest 2018, and says it will have rips from Phoenix Wright and Demon's Souls, and then starts repeating the letter "K" for about thirty minutes, only for it to be revealed at the end that he was just stuttering trying to say the title of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Moon Man then bids the audience farewell while shilling for McDonald's.

Plot summary

Moon Man goes to the McDonalds to kill the Rapper's Union, who are buying foe piece nuggets. Moon Man then sees that "Grandiouse City has been BLACKED" as a result of The Voice Inside Your Head taking over and decides that he has to go kill the voice, because he's black. Inside the tower, Professor Lou Sends is making a "History Eraser", to erase all mashups and anime, but they need a power source, and he thinks that Moon Man is the perfect power source because he's so racist. Moon Man makes his way inside the tower, and he kills Cast Iron Coon. Moon Man goes to the top of the tower and he gets his chin knocked off, which is used to power the History Eraser. The Voice launches a mech, and Moon Man launches a McDooold's by screaming "ITS MAC TONIIIIIIGHT", which lands on top of the tower. Moon Man transforms the MacDooold's by playing the piano. Moon Man and the Voice have a cool fight, and then explode in a flash; this makes the Voice not remember anything, and makes things turn back to before Moon Man went on a rampage.


Note: This transcript contains hate speech and racial slurs. It is included for archival purposes only, and is not meant to promote hate of any form.

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[Rain falls while a grainy image of a city at night fades in.]

"Another place. Another time. This is but one more story the long night has to tell."

[Thunder claps. The title card flashes on screen:]


[As the rain drops traverse across the screen, the C's in "Christmas Comeback Crisis" are crossed out with red ink. It now reads:]


[Another flashes brings us to The Simpsons's television in its opening sequence. It reads:]


- Part 1 -
[Inside the Rock n Roll McDonalds, the Rapper's Union are ordering food. "Mack the Knife" is being played on the piano in the dining area.]

Soulja Boy: Yeah lemme git uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh foe' peace.

Snoop Dog: Sheeeut boy I gotchu' just ordah some'in to feel you up.

Soulja Boy: My man for real?! Yeah lemme git uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh foe' peace meal.

Snoop Dog: Boy aint right

[The crew take their seats except for Barkley, totally off beat from the rest in an irregular time signature. Mack the Knife transitions into the Mac Tonight commercial music.]

Chip the Ripper: Why they takin so long they aint even makin the shit fresh? They gonna take all night to fix us leftovers man.

[The Mashup Crew look up wide-eyed realizing where they are and who they've been listening to a moment too late.]

Snoop Dog: Aw hell nah.

Soulja: Hold up, where the fuck are we?!

Chip: I don't give a damn where we're at, this jam's our cue to get the fuck outta here!

[Cut to: A mysterious figure driving a black car. The "It's Mac Toniiiiiiight" part of the Mac Tonight jingle plays as the door of the McDonalds is blown open. One of the doors hits Charles Barkley, knocking him over. The mysterious figure produces a shotgun and fires back-to-back shots at the crew, killing Chip, Soulja, and Snoop Dog. Three, shots, three screams, and three thuds.]

[Barkley awakens lying on a bloodied floor. The mysterious figure's shadow slowly appears over Barkley as the SLAMmer struggles to move.]

[A close-up shot of Barkley's face while a short clip of "Space Jam" plays. Barkley is thrown through the roof of the restaurant.]

Mysterious Figure: Damn. Three niggers with two barrels isn't too bad though.

[The Mysterious Figure, only a silhouette, steps forward into the light. It is none other than Moon Man. The whitest and most racist of all figments.]

Moon Man: I can't see the counter past my open piano lid, but I can hear a grown man ordering a four piece McNugget and know that he is a nigger because they're stingy with their drug money they earn spending their welfare on cocaine to turn into crack to sell to other niggers.

[Moon Man poses as his intro appears: MAC TONIGHT.]

[He looks to the young man working the counter, who is horrified.]

Moon Man: Wipe that pussy look off your face before I make it bleed like one. This is what I meant when I said graveyard shift in the help wanted ad. Everywhere I go is a graveyard for niggers. Clean those jungle bunnies up before more hop in. We can't lure in spooks if they're spooked.

[The Moon Man walks off-screen. The young man looks after him, then adopts a tired look on his face.]

Employee: I'm not paid enough for this

[We then focus back on Moon Man, who has found a newspaper. He grabs the paper, and enters the restroom with it.]

Moon Man: Let's see what's good in the neighborhood.

[Suddenly, Moon Man is startled by something shocking.]

Moon Man: Wha- ?!

[He stares at the open newspaper, mouth agape. The front page spread prominently features The Voice Inside Your Head who is only ever seen as a silhouette. The title reads: "Grandiose City has been BLACKED!"]

Moon Man: Grandiose City's leadership has been BLACKED. The last time a nigger was in charge he made me buy insurance I couldn't even use.

Moon Man: It's time to make Grandiose City GREAT AGAIN.

[Moon Man poses menacingly, ala JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.]

[Meanwhile, the employee is cleaning up the mess in the other room. Moon Man exits the restroom and approaches him.]

Moon Man: I apologize for being rough on you. I hate animal cruelty too but all niggers are suffering on account of being niggers, and I'm doing a good deed by putting them out of my misery.

[Moon Man throws a wad of cash at the young man.]

Moon Man: Finish throwing them in the furnace and close up early. Spend those 1488 dollars on a nice girl who'll make white children with you and secure a future for them.

Moon Man: And get a haircut.

[Cut to: Outside the McDonalds restaurant. Rain falls. Smoke issues from the building as the furnace runs. Moon Man walks over to his car while the employee follows.]

Moon Man: My trusty Ford Mustang. How would I live without you. Looks like you're getting a much needed cleanup right now. This little beauty packs a whopping 400 horsepower under her hood and has a manual transmission. Do you know why this gem is my favorite, young man?

Moon Man: It's because niggers are too stupid to operate it.

[The employee says nothing.]

Moon Man: I must go now. Business calls. Take care.

[Moon Man starts his car. As the employee walks away...]

???: Yo why yall close now I wan' git my foe peace.

[Surprised, the young man turns around. Standing there is none other than Steve Harvet!]

Harvet: Where my foe peace at?!

[Opposite Harvet stands Oboma!]

Oboma: Gimme mah double menu burger!!

[A mob of dark-skinned men charges past Moon Man, completely ignoring him, and surrounds the young man because of his McDonalds uniform.]

Moon Man: Actually, business is here.

[The men begin wailing on the employee, shouting angrily.]

Mob: Where's my fokin foe peace?!    Please open the parking my car is stuck there.
 Y'all gonna get me my burgers?!   SAMPLE TEXT
   I'll have two number nines        Where the FUCK is my large soda?

[Outside of the mob stands Mambo, who holds a brick. As he throws it, he yells:]


[The brick hits the employee square on the head, flooring him immediately. The visuals turn grey and time slows down.]


[Moon Man reflects on all the good times he's had with the young man, remembering his horrified expressions at the quadruple murder and his emotionless face as he was struck with a wad of money. Especially his emotionless face.]

[The music cuts out and color returns to the screen.]

Moon Man: Oh well, he was a coal burner anyway.

[Laugh track]

Moon Man: Now to solve my newest yet oldest problem.

[Moon Man hops inside his Ford Mustang.]

Moon Man: Time to make it MAC TONIGHT!

[Moon Man revs the engine and strikes Oboma, who goes flying into the night sky.]

[Cut to: An old-fashion television playing Family Feud. On the show is Tainic and AMUNO.]

AMUNO: yes oui me take le buzz for 500000000 dollar euro

S. Harvey: I do not know you and you were not invited

[AMUNO snaps around to face his manager.]


Tainic: I haven't said a thing since we got here.

[Suddenly, Oboma crashes into the roof and falls onto Tainic. AMUNO smiles.]

[Cut to: Waluigi, standing in his bedroom from Waluigi's Tacostand.]

Waluigi: What

[Meanwhile, Moon Man runs over each and every black man and woman in the Black Mob, sending them flying away. One of them lands into the entrance of Hobby Lobby, triggering a Loud Nigra scream while the camera shakes and the screen goes red.]

[Moon Man continues hitting pedestrians, bloodying the screen.]


[The screen becomes completely red, then fades to black. We then see the POV of the employee, opening his eyes as Moon Man stands over him.]

Moon Man: Glad you're awake, son.

[The employee stands up, dazed and confused from his blood loss and probable concussion. He's covered in blood.]

Moon Man: Good to see you back on your feet. However, I'm gonna have to ask you to work for that extra wad of bills I gave you. Put these niggers in the furnace too.

[The employee says nothing and turns away. He limps off, presumably off to earn his minimum wage.]

Moon Man: It's great to be white.

[We transition to an image of The Tower.]

Meanwhile, in the tower...

???: Professor Sends. I've been looking forward to seeing your progress... Professor Sends.

Professor Sends: We've completed the device and performed all the simulations. They don't look promising with the current power source.

[The Mysterious Figure who was obviously The Voice steps forward, transforming from a full silhouette to the partial one we're used to.]

The Voice: My patience is reaching its limits, Professor.

Lou Sends: Sheeut let me finish. We've found a new candidate for our power source already.

The Voice: I believe I already gave you a rather hefty amount of Christmas Spirit, and we both know how powerful that is already. What else could you possibly need?!

Lou Sends: Nigga if you let me talk you'd know already and I'd be back to smoking mah joint. Take a look, y'all.

Professor Sends hands The Voice a clipboard with a sheet. Among the text legible to the view is " -cially charged lunar minerals".

The Voice: What am I looking for in here... Ah!

Lou Sends: Y'all ain't gonna believe the results if we snatch one of these bad boys, my man. Fo' real.

The Voice: Hm, well, I cannot speak of the efficiency of this "power source". But I'll be frank Professor, I don't think I'll be able to provi-

[Suddenly, City Security interrupts the two.]

Guard: Sorry to interrupt, sir, but we have a problem. Sir, we have a problem. A belligerent figment is currently going on a rampage...

The Voice: What? Where?!

Guard: We've estimated that the tower is his target. Here, look at the security footage.

[The Voice inspects the feed, recognizing the extreme racist figment Moon Man.]

The Voice: ...Well, isn't that convenient.

The Voice: Professor... I believe I will be able to provide what you need. Security, prepare my car and an escort. We're going to Baltimore Avenue.


-Part 2-
[After the screen fades to black, AMUNO screaming "EPIC" suddenly appears while the word "NOW" twirls around the screen.]

[The story at this point is narrated entirely by Moon Man]
As I made my way to Voice Tower in my classic Mustang I noticed white smoke coming from under the hood. I turned onto the next street to find a place to park and see what the problem was while taking in my surroundings. Low income housing apartments, with barred up windows, and liquor stores completely surrounded me. Without looking back at the street sign I knew that I had just turned onto Martin Luther King Boulevard. I parked my car and noticed a jungle bunny approaching carefully as I popped the car's hood. I glanced at the engine as he made his way over to me. The car was merely overheating from a coolant leak most likely caused by smashing and running over dozens of niggers just minutes ago. When the nigger who was approaching me finally arrived he asked me if I had the time. I told him it was about two forty five as I drew both of my Legendary Nigger Slayer Pistols and put them both to his head. His Kool brand cigarette fell from his lip, inspiring me. I grabbed him by his waist and scraped his Kool cigarette smoke-filled diaphram all across my blazing hot engine like he was a second radiator.

He absorbed the extra heat but the car was still not fit to drive. I threw the pan fried nigger out into the middle of the street only to watch him get run over by an oncoming city bus. Then I took my keys for my car and abandoned it to ride the bus knowing it wouldn't be stolen because niggers are too stupid to drive stick.

I surveyed the seats on the bus and approached the front one, which was currently under nigger occupation. I told the she boon to move to the back because those are the rules, and when she rebelled I threw her head first out the window and watched her smash her head on the ground. The bus departed and after a few minutes I had finally reached Main Avenue. I gazed at the foot of Voice Tower. The Voice had hired a cost effective security force made up entirely of Baltimore Avenue Crips who accepted payment in gold-laced benefit stamps which is a nigger currency backed by fried chicken. Next to me was a Nissan Z31, the least unacceptable japanese attempt at making a car. I broke into the t-top convertible and removed the driver's side top panel because my perfect crescent moon head doesn't fit in any car, and drove off toward the tower.

The Crip security were distracted playing dice and Crip Walking, which is a nigger version of riverdance which was invented by white niggers in Ireland. I smashed through the whole crowd of them and through the front door. The niggers inside wised up and drew their guns and began to fire. I slowly approached the hail of gunfire, the bullets tracing me but not once ever hitting me because niggers are stupid and aim their guns sideways. I drew my Legendary Nigger Slayer Pistols named Nathan Bedford Forrest and Dylan Storm Roof, which are both scratched to hell because I ran out of space to mark notches for every nigger they've killed. I carefully gunned down the whole group and then climbed the main stairs.

I arrived at the elevators and saw that all eight of them were descending and probably filled all the way up with nigger security. Thinking fast I made my way to the nearby break room and found some grape kool aid packets. I opened another cabinet and found a big jug of purple drain cleaner and had a brilliant idea. I grabbed every cup from the break room and moved a table out in front of the elevators and started pouring purple liquid into the cups. I scrambled back and forth from the break room to the elevators putting ice in as many cups as possible and on my last trip back the elevators opened. The niggers were flooding out of the elevators and our eyes met. I pointed in a direction and said I saw the trouble maker go there, and then offered everyone a drink of grape kool aid before they go searching. Being niggers they could not turn down grape kool aid and all fifty of them had a drink. As they complained about their throats burning I placed the empty jug of purple drain cleaner on the table. Even with the label right in their faces it they still didn't realize what they drank because niggers can't read.

I marched over the poisoned niggers to the elevator and hit the button for the executive suite. The lift made it to around the 35th floor before the lights went out and the ride stopped. My luminescent moon head lit up the dark elevator, revealing that I was stopped right on a floor so I forced the doors open and walked out. There was munching and slurping in the pitch black darkness as I looked forward. The lights flickered back on and before me was the blackest nigger in the history of niggerdom, so black it was as if he appeared out of thin air when the lights came on. I remembered there's only one spook this dark in the whole world. Cast Iron Coon, whose skin is as tough as steel because niggers can't keep their stories straight. He held a bucket of KFC that appeared to float when the lights flickered off. Iron Coon's eyes went wide and he ran for me. The lights went dim, and he disappeared. But his bucket of chicken reflected the moonlight from my head well and so it was easy to evade him. We exchanged attacks, his charges missing me every time and my Nigger Slayer Pistols failing to penetrate his niggermetal skin. Eventually he ran out of chicken and discarded the bucket, leaving me with no way to see him coming in the dark. I thought fast and blasted the emergency sprinkler system in the ceiling which proceeded to spray water all over the both of us and the floor. I could now hear him running on the wet floor and avoid him just like before, but I still couldn't hurt him. Inspired again, I blasted more sprinkler pipes to let out more water. I then moved to all of the bathrooms on the floor and clogged up every toilet and flushed each of them a dozen times after turning on the faucet at every sink. The whole floor was building up more and more water and soon enough me and Coon were both submerged.

Cast Iron Coon struggled in the water like I expected him to, because niggers can't swim. I swam over to a door frame and held on tight as I aimed my gun at the window down the hall and fired. The window burst open into pieces, the water exploding out and bringing office furniture and supplies and Cast Iron Coon along with it. I approached the breached window and saw Coon hanging onto a window washer platform suspended in the air along the floor below. I aimed my Nigger Slayer Pistols at the suspension cables and asked Cast Iron Coon if he had any last words. The last thing he said before I fired on the cables and watched him plummet to his death was: KKKAY KKKAY KKKAY KKKAY

[KKKAY spam continues looping as Part 2 fades out]

-Part 3-
[At this point, the quality of animation has lowered drastically. The animations use edited stock photos, and dialogue appears as text next to characters.]

[Moon Man's climb up the stairs to the Executive Suite brings him to a Laboratory. He catches glimpses of schematics for a strange device. It reads "Precision History Eraser Machine"]

Moon Man: I'd like to get my hands on one of these once I finally make niggers history.

[Moon Man continues looking and sees simulation models. The model of the machine is a simple pistol. When shot affected by the machine, all anime (except for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) explode violently. It even works on mashups.]

Moon Man: This will be my missions after I lynch that triangle headed nigger.

[The climb up the stairs continues and Moon Man has reached the Executive Suite. He kicks the door in (with a "Some-BODY once told me...") and is greeted by none other than The Voice.]

Moon Man: The jig is up, jig. Time for me to put you down.

The Voice: Ah, Moon Man. Just who I wanted to see.

[Moon Man cocks his shotgun, ready to kill.]

[From his blind spot Moon Man is suddenly attacked by Professor Lou Sends wearing his Justice For Mike Brown MkII Powered Exoskeleton, which is very similar to the muscle suits from Crysis but with an additional shoulder cannon that shoots rapid fire watermelon seeds.]


[The Professor is both faster and stronger than Moon Man. Before Moon Man can aim his gun the Professor strikes his chin, knocking the top pointy chunk of his perfect crescent moon chin off. Moon Man is incapacitated by this. The Professor picks up the moon rock and approaches a chamber which he opens.]

Lou Sends: Aw yeah pushin the rock again just like in '89

[Professor Sends places the rock in a containment unit and pushes it back into the chamber.]

The Voice: Excellent. This highly racially charged moon rock is the perfect power source for our History Eraser. All the racial violence you've comitted [sic] was all part of our plan. We've achieved a maximum racial charge on your head now to sufficiently power our machine.

The Voice: Professor, is the machine adapted to the mech unit?

Professor Sends: oh yeah

The Voice: Then it's time to head out.

[The Voice takes the machine with him as Moon Man rises to his feet. Rumbling is heard and The Voice's new history eraser mecha appears. ]

Moon Man: There won't be any credible witnesses to see what I'm about to do to you

[Moon Man pulls back his jacket sleeve and yells into his watch.]



[ricesnot's Bones & Therapist characters are outside the McDonalds.]

Bones: therapist, behold!! this is the ideal location for our cameo tribute

Therapist: bones. just say "cameo" or "tribute". you don't need both.

Bones: ah, but you misunderstand therapist. we are now a cameo tribute band.

[Bones takes out a tin of black shoe polish]

Bones: now put this on your face and sing "word up"

[The music stops. Therapist stares at Bones.]

[Bones puts down a boombox, which plays a generic beat.]

Bones: I will support you by ordering and eating 1 burg

[As Bones approaches the door of the McDonalds, the building launches itself away.]

Bones: this gig is cancelled.

Therapist: word.

[Cut back to inside the Tower. The Rock and Roll McDonalds appears causing the ceiling to collapse on Professor Sends. The portrait descends to show a mecha unit underneath the restaurant. Moon Man walks into the restaurant and approaches his piano, which is the cockpit and control mechanism.]

[Moon Man's mecha approaches The Voice's, both draw their weapons.]

The Voice: Let me show you the power of the History Eraser Gun and my Justice for Travyon MkII.

[The Voice shoots a building, causing various Barack Obamas to explode into nothingness.]

The Voice: I could have sworn that building was fully occupied. The weapon must be a complete success.

[The Voice aims the weapon at Moon Man's Rock and Roll Zimmermanzord. Moon Man reacts by tackling him.]

Moon Man: This machine is powered by the fresh death and suffering of several dozen niggers. You cannot possibly defeat that.

[The mechas sort of bang against each other in a hand-to-hand "fight". The Voice breaks away from the engagement and aims the History Eraser Gun.]

The Voice: Time for you to be erased, Moon Man.

[The History Eraser Gun rapid-fires bullets at Moon Man's mecha, but to no effect. The Voice quickly reacts with a "nani".]

Moon Man: Looks like your toy doesn't work. and

[Moon Man goes to move forward but is presented with a fuel warning.]

Moon Man: ... And neither do niggers. Using them as a power source was a mistake

[Professor Sends appears in his critically damaged, non-functioning muscle suit.]
Professor Sends: Sheeeeeut I didn't think of that.

The Voice: You didn't think of what?!

[The following block of text appears and covers the entire screen:]
Professor Sends: Aight so the racially charged part of Moon Man is causing instabilities in the unit I think. You shot what was clearly a project building earlier and it erased all the niggas inside. But then just now you shot Moon Man's robot, and instead of erasing Moon Man it erased all the niggas burnin in his furnace powering his robot. It's only erasing black brothers and sisters.

[Professor Sends puts math into Google on his phone (with Mr. Krabs' "bee" and "boo" working).]

Professor Sends: And at this rate the History Eraser will completely lose power. When you erase the blacks you erase the hate and the racial charge.

The Voice: You incompetent fool.

The Voice: I will erase you myself for this disappointment. (Sends: Oh no)

[As he says this, Moon Man's mecha has activated backup power. He punches The Voice's robot, Zimmerzord's fist completely penetrating Justice for Trayvon's frame where the cockpit is.]

The Voice: If I'm going down I'm taking you with me.

[The mecha glows purple.]

Professor Sends: Sheeeeut you gonna blow up errybody you do that boy.

The Voice: Your History Eraser going into critical mass is not enough to stop my Zimmermanzord. Watch this

[The Voice's unit is shrouded in purple light. But at the same time Moon Man's robot also starts glowing white. The purple begins to spread with everything around it being erased. The light envelopes Moon Man who's also glowing white himself. Professor Sends is right next to Zimmermanzord's foot. The purple light enveloping them proves to have no effect. The racially charged History Eraser resonates with Moon Man's own racist energy, causing an explosion that envelopes the whole world in blinding white light.]

[The dust settles and suddenly time is shown to have been reversed, with all the events of Moon Man's rampage having been made as if they never happened, with the events of the real CCC's episode 7 preparing to unfold. The Moon Man branch of time has been erased.]

The Voice: I forgot what I was doing.

[Angry Joe is walking away.]

The Voice: Ah, right.

[The Voice launches Joe out of the office.]

[A street is shown with Professor Lou Sends walking down. He is shaking and frightened. A crescent moon is shining in the sky just above an adjacent building.]

Professor Sends: Man it don't make no sense why's everything back how it wuz? Sheeeut. That white light had to be what saved me. Maybe that cray cray Moon Man was spared too.

[However the moon which was out just moments ago is nowhere to be seen.]

Lou Sends: Where tf is the moon

[Moon Man appears behind Sends. He's holding a noose.]

Moon Man: It's time to tie up some Lou Sends.

[A rope tightening sound is heard as the screen goes black.]

Moon Man: Your machine didn't work and nothing was erased. It's only natural for something built by niggers to not work.

[A black silhouette of Moon Man appears against a city bathed in orange sunlight.]

Moon Man: I'll erase blacks from history like I always did.

[The camera zooms into Moon Man's face.]

Moon Man: By my own two hands.

[Freeze frame as "THE END" appears. "MOON MAN WILL RETURN... MAYBE" also appears.]

[The credits roll.]

-Credits sequence-
[During the credits sequence, the Rapper's Union finishes ordering McDonalds:]

Soulja Boy: Yeah lemme git uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-

Snoop Dog: You gon' take all day for a foe peace?

Soulja: Actually nah imma take a salad this time.

Snoop Dog: You wut? My nigga goin' green?

Soulja: My man you know I'm always for the green.

???: My man you know he's always for the green!

Soulja: Ayyy that lil' critter knows where it's at!

Snoop Dog: Like yo style, dawg. You wanna join our band?

Parappa: I wanna join your band!

[Freeze frame as more credits roll.]

[Another mid-credits scene shows Tainic and AMUNO]


Tainic: What is it, Boss?

AMUNO: me think you suck at manager so me got you manager en plus

Tainic: What.

AMUNO: new manager very good has background in politique yes very like éric zemmour.

Tainic: That's a bad thing.

AMUNO: stop crying like bitch show you new manager ok

AMUNO: it ok you come in now

[Barack Obama enters the room.]

AMUNO: he bring many buzz and i get le bling bling bang it's perfect plan

[Tainic slowly brings up a pistol, prompting Obama to flee for his life.]

AMUNO: manager not funny

Tainic: Hey, it's how I keep job security. Besides, if I had to take a sidekick my first choice would be ZVAARI.

AMUNO: oua le suce boules il se met dans sa propre video ["where sucks balls he gets into his own video"]

Tainic: Yeah well I didn't write this cameo, so take that up with him.

[The music credits roll.]

[Another credits scene follows, this time featuring two Steve Harvey's on Family Feud on a TV.]

Harvey: I do believe the answer is "Harvey", Steve.

Harvet: You fool. You complete moron. It is obviously "Harvet".

Harvey: Brother please. What would mother think of us right now?

[The camera pans to the Harvey hosting the show.]

S.Harvey: I really hate this job sometimes

Waluigi: Man these episodes have really gotten out of hand lately. Maybe Waluigi should participate. Show these simpletons what a REAL Family Feud professional is. Then I get the cash prize, and Waluigi finally becomes NUMBER ONE! Wahahaha!

???: yo robbie you here?? you gotta check this shit out man

Wood Man: dude i was browsing reddit and there was stuff about some arg and i know you love puzzles so-

[Waluigi turns around to face Wood Man.]

Wood Man: whoops wrong door my b

[Wood Man leaves.]

Waluigi: Hey Waluigi loves puzzles too

Waluigi: Please come back

[The rest of the credits for the episode roll...]

[...and another credits scene appears. This time, it's Joe walking along the same street Lou Sends was.]

Angry Joe: fucking voice and his fucking orders. "go there, joe. kill santa, joe" "renew my netflix subscription, joe." i aint a goddamn maid for fucks sake. that's it. i quit being his bitch today. what's the worst thing he could do? hang me?

[At this point, Joe sees Lou Sends, who is indeed hanging.]

Angry Joe: welp got work to do

[A Flintstones-themed edit of VITAS - "Седьмой элемент" / "The 7th Element" begins playing as the credits for The SiIvaGunner CCC ARG play.]

[After these credits, Moon Man appears again.]
Moon Man: Hey everybody it's me moon man. we sure had a lot of fun earlier, especially when I poison four dozen niggers to death by tricking them into drinking drain cleaner. what's not fun however is that everyday across our nation young children get into their household cleaning supplies and poison themselves the same way. Parents, get involved. Keep household cleaners out of reach of children and educate them on the dangers of mishandling these cleaning products. We must secure an existence for our people, and a future for white children.

One last thing, for those of you attending Super MAGFest to see the SiIvaGunner panel on January 6, look forward to receiving access to an exclusive MAGFest album with all new rips made just for you guys. Rips from games such as Phoenix Wright, Demon's Souls, and KKKAY, KKKAY, KKKAY, ...

[at this point, there is a spam of KKKAY until 59:51, when he says:]

-Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. See you all there and if you're hungry when it's late, consider making it Mac Tonight at McDonalds.

["Thank you for participating in this ARG" appears as text as the video ends.]


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Special Thanks:

  • ricecorp (a.k.a. ricesnot) - Bones & Therapist cameo
  • Tainic, AMUNO - AMUNO cameo
  • The CCC Team - Original CCC assets
  • John Coltrane - emotional support


  • This is the first CCC bonus episode that uses the "side story" branding.
  • In the original script, Barkley was meant to escape "on account of being out of sync with the rest of the crew".
  • In the original script, there is a production note that reads:

There is not to be any sound effects synced to Moon Man dispatching black characters ever as he is known to "put n*****s underground without a sound"

  • The McDonalds worker is a character created by atlaszoidac named Atsu. He also appears in uniform during the CCC episode "I Love Her" protesting the minimum wage.
  • The newspaper Moon Man reads has readable text on it:
    • The front page reads:



Terror at the United Nations as global powers are left powerless

    • The header "BACKROOM NEWS"
    • "CCC Episode ∞"
    • Wood Man's ">:]" face in a box
    • "DNFC" ("Deez Nuts Fusion Collab")
    • "TACOSTAND Episode 2"
    • "MASHUPS: Ban Them" (a nod to Mr Rental)
  • The inside of the newspaper reads (aside from the title):
    • "Watermelon" above a picture of the fruit (a reference to the watermelon stereotype)
    • "Is This Lore?"
    • "The Silve-" as the next page's title, with "Gentleman th-" as the subtitle
    • "Rocked Forums?" as one of the overleaf page's article with Ray William Johnson's picture under it.
  • The bathroom stall Moon Man uses also has images drawn on it, including:
    • The logos of The Voice and President Haltmann
    • The word "EPIC" and the B emoji
    • Grand Dad's head and a Flintstones star
    • Smol Nozomi's head next to the word "smol"
    • A drawing of AMUNO's head next to the words "EPIC PIXEL BAT-"
    • Wood Man's head
    • A face with the "OK" hand sign next to it
  • The line with "1488 dollars" is a reference to "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children," a dogwhistle used by white supremacist groups. This phrase is also referenced explicitly a few times.
  • The "A KNOCKOUT!" sequence that occurs when the employee is struck with a brick is a reference to Cuphead.
  • The trashcan one of the characters falls into has a label that reads: "007-351-1789 EPIC" with the label "SILVOICE SERVICE" and a "nice" tag with Wood Man's ">:]" on it.
  • The scene of Moon Man driving towards the Tower contains several references:
    • Wood Man's ">:]" on a manhole
    • A poster for AMUNO
    • The logo of The Nutshack as graffiti on a wall
    • Graffiti reading "7 Gram Dab"
  • Moon Man is voiced by the AT&T text-to-speech voice.
  • The Voice's appearance in Part 3 is based off a White House picture of former president Barack Obama wearing a blue suit.