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The beginning of The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis was a channel event that started in December 2016 to accompany the eponymous video series. Many sub-events occurred during this event, which did not officially end until the Monochrome Pause.


The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis was originally meant to only last a short while and be the final event on the channel, with rips themed to the plot of the series.

However, delays on the seventh episode caused the team to go on break with the Monochrome Pause. When the channel returned, the story arc continued but the "event" ended, since the themed rips stopped.


This event follows directly from The Voice taking over the channel in the Christmas Comeback Crisis prologue. As such, it doubles as the beginning of his channel takeover. The Voice would remain the face of the channel until May 2017, at which point he was superseded by Inspector Gadget. All Christmas Comeback Crisis episodes up to "Timbre of a Kazoo" (which depicts Gadget's takeover) take place during this takeover.


The Voice gave the channel a complete makeover. Naturally, the avatar was changed to The Voice (a front view, though it would be replaced with a different angle after the Monochrome Pause).

The banner was changed to The Voice's remodeled version of the lighthouse (now a tower), which is somewhat modeled after his image. The surrounding area is hidden by the darkness of the night sky.

The channel description was changed to:

Welcome to my domain.

Here you will find the highest quality video game music known to mankind.

Weebs will be purged.

Rips uploaded

Rips during this event were either Christmas-themed or Kirby Planet Robobot-themed. They were later compiled into the album Rips of Christmas Past. "YOU can join the fight! - A Recruitment Video from The Voice" is an instructional video telling fans what kind of rips were acceptable to submit during this event.

Starting in January 2017, the number of rips per day decreased significantly, going from 12 to 6, which stuck for the remainder of Season 2 (before being bumped up to 8 for Season 3 onward). The rips also became less reliant on Christmas themes, for obvious reasons.

The Voice also provided his own version of SiIva's catchphrase: "I order you to read the channel description."


Main article: The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis

The first six episodes were released periodically throughout December 2016. Unlike SilvaGunner: Rebooted, these were uploaded directly as episodes, and are numbered. Additionally, a fake finale was uploaded with only a small relation to the main story.

No more episodes were released until after the Monochrome Pause. Two January 2017 videos however used the series name in the title:


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December 23

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