"Beware the Forest's Mushrooms" is a frequently ripped track from the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

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"Beware the Forest's Mushrooms"[1] is the theme that plays in the Forest Maze area of Super Mario RPG. The main goal of the area is to follow Geno through the Forest Maze with Mario and Mallow, and team up with him to fight the boss Bowyer.

The song was composed by Yoko Shimomura.

Fan Versions Edit

In 2004, Newgrounds user XBrav released a synthesized voice cover of the song with fan lyrics.[2] The song has since become popular with players, further spread by two covers created by Kirbopher, "Rawest Forest" and "Waltz of the Forest", as well as "VIP Sensei" (VIP先生) video parodies on Nico Nico Douga.

Fan LyricsEdit

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[XBrav Version]
Super Mario RPG
It is the only one just for me
When I play the game I get lost in a phase
Then I find out I'm stuck in Geno's maze

Gimme Frog Coins! Gimme Ice Bombs!
Gimme Fright Bombs! Gimme Mushrooms!

Gimme See Ya! Gimme Star Egg!
Gimme Cookies! Gimme Lamb's Lure!

I want ev'ry thing I need
I must play this more and more and
Need to get those damn frog coins to
Pay off all my credit cards

There are many secrets in the game
Many of which drive some peeps insane.
Why we try to cheat in a really good game?
Just sounds like crap and it makes you look lame

Exiting the forest is super simple:
All you do is follow these patterns
For the rest of your gaming life

Follow Geno's route here,
Follow Geno's route here,
Follow Geno's route here,

I'm a gaming god!

Rips Edit

See also: Category:Beware the Forest's Mushrooms

There are currently 12 rips of "Beware the Forest's Mushrooms" on the channel (and 1 rip of it that was removed).

The song has also received 3 original remixes. The first arrangement was made for the King for a Day Tournament as one of the main melodies of the remix "Dangerous Pathline". The second and third arrangements were made for the King for Another Day Tournament, with one being done in a swing music-style titled "A Swing in the Forest", and the other in a classical style titled "Beware the Musical Mushrooms".

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