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Big Chungus is a meme involving a picture taken from the Looney Tunes cartoon Wabbit Twouble[1] where the character Bugs Bunny appears overweight. It is usually presented as a PlayStation 4 game titled Big Chungus. It became notably popular on Reddit on December 2018.[2]


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In rips, Big Chungus is referenced usually from 1 of 3 songs:

  • "BIG CHUNGUS | Official Main Theme" by Endigo
  • "Big Chungus" by CG5
  • "Big Chungus" by The Slopster

The earliest appearance of a Big Chungus song on SiIvaGunner is "Play a Mini-Game! (SECAM Version) - Mario Party" on April 12, 2019, which in this case was CG5's "Big Chungus".

CG5's and The Slopster's songs were featured in a few rips after that. Then, in late October 2019, the meme became a lot more prominent on the channel. There is also a Big Chungus playlist, which holds an original arrangement.

Other references include the music of the original cartoon scene from where the frame is taken and a Billie Eilish parody by Tony Zaret.

In King for Another Day Tournament

Big Chungus appears as a character in the King for Another Day Tournament as a part of the Cool Meme Team.


  • In "7 Grand Dad Fusion Collab" from September 11, 2017, we can see the image that would later be used for the Big Chungus meme at 55:37, although this was long before the image was paired with the name Big Chungus.
  • According to the SiIvaGunner: 7 Fact Extravaganza, he is in charge of the r*stroom.


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