"Big Time Rush (Theme Song) - Big Time Rush: Dance Party" is a high quality rip of "Big Time Rush (Theme Song)" from Big Time Rush: Dance Party.


This is an ensemble vocal cover of the advertised track using its instrumental. Like in the original, most of the cover is sung in unison by several of the vocalists, with some lines sung by soloists who take turns. The cover appears to have been recorded and mixed to evoke the sound of a karaoke singalong.


  • The catchphrase in the description references a line from the song.
  • The original version of this rip was removed from YouTube after about an hour and a half due to "a critical error", which was acknowledged by SiIvaGunner's Twitter account[1] and in a comment[2] by SiIvaGunner on the new video. The newer version features an additional tenor voice throughout the rip, and may have had other minor changes.

Removed version

Difference of the two revisions


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