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"Blammed - Friday Night Funkin'" is a high quality rip of "Blammed" from Friday Night Funkin'.


This rip plays gameplay footage of a modded version of the level with the following changes:

  • The advertised track is mashed up with "hand crushed by a mallet" by 100 gecs. The audio is pitched down to match the advertised track's key, with the lyrics pitch-shifted to match the character that is currently singing.
  • Pico and Boyfriend's sprites are edited to face backwards, mimicking the album cover of 1000 gecs, where "hand crushed by a mallet" is featured.
  • As is customary with most Friday Night Funkin' rips, Boyfriend dies with blue balls despite winning the level. In this case, the death animation sprites are edited to face backwards to match Boyfriend's stance.


  • Like most of this game's rips, the rip's mod files are linked in the description instead of the playlist link.
    • The vocals of "hand crushed by a mallet" are not attached to the vocals, instead to the instrumental.
    • Unlike all other Friday Night Funkin' rips where Boyfriend has edited sprites, his "miss" poses are left unchanged, which will cause him to erroneously flip forwards whenever a note is missed.
  • Kawai Sprite, the game's composer, commented on the video with "FINALLY SOMEBODY GETS ME". This comment was later hearted by SiIvaGunner.[2]
  • This rip was featured in Friday Night Funkin's "The Full Ass Game" Kickstarter trailer.


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