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Glitchedblood Glitchedblood 2 July



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Navid0 Navid0 10 June

I just found out about blog posts

Reading some of the blog posts, I really have nothing to say.

There are some high quality ones, some weird ones, and it's really fun to read through.


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Arthur10123 Arthur10123 18 May

fun fact

the nyan cat gif animation that I uploaded here and is featured on the "Nyan Cat" page is actually a "remastered version" that was sold as an etherium-based NFT that I leaked very easily from this link

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Milt Franklyn Milt Franklyn 28 April

The Most Disturbing Artistic Representation Of The Yellow One Ever

This was originally from the First Church of Pac-Man, by Flamingmayo.

When the Atari 400/800 version of Pac-Man came out in 1982, it was the best official version available for a home system. Atari had exclusive rights to produce the game on home systems, so the only other version out there at the time of this release was the Atari 2600 version. This version featured graphics, sound, and gameplay that were FAR superior to the pathetic atrocity most people were stuck with on their 2600 systems. It wasn't a perfect adaptation, but it was considered astoundingly good at the time. Unfortunately, they called the ghosts "Goblins" and got their characteristics all wrong, and even more unfortunately, they used this as a cover.

The Atari 400/800 Pac-Ma…

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Rowser64 Rowser64 20 October 2020

Grand Dad Gaming

Grand Dad Gaming

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Ppr769 Ppr769 13 October 2020

Strawberry Shortcake in actual High Quality Rips

Hello I'm Ppr769 I think about HOBaRT's reveal rip, SiIva uploaded the rip with same name with character from the franchise, I thought when Prabowo Muhammad, FLOWKILLER1, and Julie Tirock has created some Strawberry Shortcake thingy, SiIva celebrates Friendship is Magic 10th Anniversary, but we need Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures must be a rips.

  • Berry Bitty Adventures
  • Anything is Possible
  • Sunshine Girls

First Strawberry Shortcake rip introduced since beginning of 2018, Prabowo uploaded the Undertale rip called "Nyeh Heh Heh! (Alternate OST Version) - Undertale" here is the Prabowo Muhammad YT channel, then laterly uploaded some Anything is Possible (Cherry Jam theme) like "Let It Go - Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot", hear at 0:42the…

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Omega138 Omega138 13 September 2020

Attention all HQrippers

I, Omega138 is holding a fusion collab. This fusion collab is called The Mario 35th Anniversary Fusion Collab. And the song is The Credits Roll from Super Mario 3D World. I need submissions for this collab. Submissions end at the end of the month. Rip Name: The Credits Roll - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Song -

Part 1/0:00 to 0:14 (Original)

Part 2/0:15 to 0:34

Part 3/0:35 to 0:52

Part 4/0:53 to 1:01

Part 4/1:02 to 1:13

Part 5/1:14 to 1:24

Part 6/1:25 to 1:33

Part 7/1:34 to 1:41

Part 8/1:42 to 1:47

Part 9/1:48 to 1:55

Part 10/1:56 to 2:09 (Original)

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Super10ZX Super10ZX 11 September 2020

New forum layout

Alright, don’t know how long this has been in effect (seems like only a day or two at most), but I finally decided to come back to the forums today and see what was going on and... oh.

I saw the notice earlier that Fandom was going to remove the forum layout in favour of their current thing but... oh my god it’s so bad.

Showing the entirety of the opening posts for each thread just clutters the way everything is set up. Even more space is taken up by most viewed or recently edited wiki pages, which yeah is a thing for the rest of the site, but it still doesn’t take up THAT much. And whatever the newest created threads are seem to take priority, rather then the latest posts.

I’m seeing options to change things around, and at first I thought th…

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Arthur10123 Arthur10123 3 August 2020


I created this post just to get the badge. check this out.

EDIT: d'oh, the link doesn't work anymore >:[ have this instead

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Benji1547 Benji1547 27 July 2020


SilvaGunner might be back.

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Odenbirb Odenbirb 5 June 2020

The Best Comments

I'll take "Pesky Plumbers" for 500 coins, Alex. - Underground Theme (Jeopardy)

Where all the trumpets went after Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire - Gang-Train Galleon

This is what plays when Sakurai and Toby Fox casually hang out.

The game show where EVERYONE is here!

Hint: It's a GBA soundfont from a certain unlocalized game. That's right, it's Fire Emblem 6!

No tinkering your plane in the halls, Tails. D E T E N T I O N F O R Y O U.

Can’t believe Eggman actually released his Splatoon 2 let’s play

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WoodFan17 WoodFan17 28 May 2020


Testing blog.

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Super10ZX Super10ZX 8 May 2020


Ok. This is something that’s been eating away at me for almost a year now. It’s something I thought would get better with time, but I have continued to feel a strong guilt because of it. And with things I’ve been thinking about doing for the month of June, these feelings have come back stronger than ever. I hope that by openly mentioning what I did, this fear and guilt inside me can finally go away.

It’s about Etika. We all know what happened, so I wouldn’t go into much. But during around April and May there was a fair amount of people making clown memes about him because of his actions. There was a very big divide in his audience, with many people hating the other side and everything got very intense at times.

At this point in time, especia…

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KirbyPKMNInkling KirbyPKMNInkling 28 February 2020

It's been way too long can I stop talking about KfAD


so uh

it's been a while since I've praised our lord and savior DJ Professor K on here

but like, you know. I guess there are also 31 other contestants? So I should probably praise them as well.

As you can tell, I'm not as descriptive or as good of a writer as Super, but I try my best. Anyways, this is where I praise everyone. It's mostly judged based on their individual sources and remixes overall for the tournament.

Or attempt to.

Some of these guys are hard for me to praise, but I don't hate anyone. I think.

Anyways onto..

  • 1 The Bottom 3 (F Tier)
  • 2 wood man nice >=] (D-Tier)
  • 3 They'rrrrrrrre Great! (C-Tier)
  • 4 Probably as Good as Pokemon Conquest (B-Tier)
  • 5 CHAMPS (A-Tier)
  • 7 Final Results...

These are just the characters I like…

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Super10ZX Super10ZX 26 February 2020

Epic KFAD2 Character Rankings

Don’t really have a good intro for this. While I have given multiple tier lists and over a thousand forum posts which show my opinion on things, it’s almost always changing when it comes to the KFAD characters. More and more characters getting switched around with the more music I listen to that they happen to have.

So here’s my current ranking. It will probably continue to change overtime, but this is what it is now. And yeah, a lot of this is just kinda “I like this song”, but I mean, that was kinda hard for me to avoid showing why I like some of these guys. And I don’t think any characters were bad for the record.

  • 1 The Alright Guys (D Tier)
  • 2 Pretty good, yet not good enough (C Tier)
  • 3 Really Good (B Tier)
  • 4 Insanely Good (A Tier)
  • 5 The Platinum …

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RZK133 RZK133 5 February 2020

Incomplete quote references...

i wonder why the quotes references lists in the pages are incomplete even if some of the wiki people have the reference sheet (i heard some of the people in here has it). if i can get the link to the quote reference sheet i can add all of the references and correct some of them in all of the pages, although, the progress may be slow depending on the free time i have. (i usually edit as an anonymous since its easier)

(r z k 1 3#3867)

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KirbyPKMNInkling KirbyPKMNInkling 22 November 2019


  • 1 Before we Begin...
  • 2 Tier 5: Hee ho hey, these guys are pretty okay!
    • 2.1 31. Metal Ajit Pai
    • 2.2 30. HOBaRT
    • 2.3 28. Dr. Piccolo
    • 2.4 27. Mariya Takeuchi
    • 2.5 26. Men in Black
    • 2.6 25. Quote
    • 2.7 24. Jack Bros
  • 3 Tier 4: WOAH MAMA
    • 3.1 23. Nico Nico
    • 3.2 22. Adam Levine
    • 3.3 21. MissingNo.
    • 3.4 20. Mr. Krabs
    • 3.5 19. Rhythm Masters
    • 3.6 18. Donkey Kong
    • 3.7 17. Dr. Robotnik
    • 3.8 16. Wario Partners LLP
    • 3.9 15. Johnny Bravo
    • 4.1 14. Pitbull and Aliens
    • 4.2 13. ZUN
    • 4.3 12. Papyrus
    • 4.4 11. Geno
    • 4.5 10. Nintendo Power
    • 4.6 9. Eminem
    • 4.7 8. Thanos
    • 4.8 7. King Dedede
  • 5 Tier 2: Weird O' Team Ups
    • 5.1 6. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell
    • 5.2 5. Jack and Elmo
    • 5.3 4. Off the Hook ft. Paruko
    • 5.4 3.
    • 5.5 2. 
    • 5.6 ......
  • 6 Tier 1: DJ PROFESSOR K
    • 6.1 1. DJ PROFESSOR K
  • 8 Tier List

....(sigh) So the Overview is ou…

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Carlton Banks1 Carlton Banks1 5 November 2019


Aske me anything

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Carlton Banks1 Carlton Banks1 1 November 2019

Remind me to cancel my Spotify Premium Ad Revenue Subscription in 3 months


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Carlton Banks1 Carlton Banks1 8 October 2019

Friendly Request

Can someone put Waluigis head on Patchouli (from Touhou) and make it transparent plz

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GrandFleentAlt GrandFleentAlt 8 October 2019

Can it will be Safe version

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Carlton Banks1 Carlton Banks1 6 October 2019

After PFaM plans

If thought about what E said, KFAD Parodies are sorta bland, and the same thing with a different set of characters. While i still will continue to do so. After the tournament i will make a ‘Hunger Game’ and ‘JoJo’ like series featuring all of the roster.

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ToonWebster ToonWebster 4 October 2019

He has passed

He has passed the test of a good game for me and he has is an awesome place for him and I have been to this game since the first day and he has a lot to say and I am done for it being the first to get the guitar guitar to the game I love the guitar guitar he has a good game for the kids he has a great time with him he has a good character he has a great video and I love it coming in in his hand he has is the one that you will never get on his mind he has a good game for him he has is the one that you will never play him and I don’t think I wanna was a great 👍 I love you so much I love you so I will never be able love you so much I love ya I wanna is that you like me your money I love ya I wanna is that you like me your money I love ya I wa…

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ToonWebster ToonWebster 4 October 2019

Code 1 - Level 9

I’m on the final mission to find the files. It must be hidden somewhere inside his desk. It may be too much of a risk as it’s filled with blows to my cover. I’m taking the risk and going in. I have opened the desk, but the file is nowhere to be found. I look up and see the file, but it’s inside a hand- his hand. It’s too late to close the desk. I’m running from the him and his desk. I now have the idea to throw a pin from one of the bulletin boards at him in order to startle and possibly injure him, and retrieve the file. I have retrieved the pin and I’m heading towards the desk. As soon as he spots me, I throw the pin. However, I have come to the realization that he has the wrong file. I quickly turn to run but he attaches his hands to my…

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Carlton Banks1 Carlton Banks1 28 September 2019

Waluigi Boi art/rip team

Attention, all Siivagunner fans, Waluigi boi needs your help to make some high quality art and rips

If you would like to make some art, or submit a rips for one of the characters, go ahead. All characters will most likely not get art. Rips must be clean/censored

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Androphonomania Androphonomania 21 September 2019

is bruh gay?

I really want to knoww

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The Inevitable Mr. E The Inevitable Mr. E 29 August 2019

King for Another Day Tournament's Next Update Speculation

It's been officially two weeks since we've gotten a MOJO update. This blog will be for speculation as for when the next update will be and potential characters we may get.

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WA7U161 B01 WA7U161 B01 15 July 2019

Who do you want to see in KFaD2?

I would like to see QuackityHQ, VideoGameDunkey, Stingy from LazyTown, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz

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Everythingyouknowiswrong Everythingyouknowiswrong 30 June 2019

Bruh moment

Can't wait for king for another day it's gonna be lit

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Elchistosito Elchistosito 1 May 2019

What things can offer SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament mojo??

Well,How can start this?, in the magfest of 2018 chaze the cat (A.K.A SiIvaGunner) make a annoucement,the tournament for a channel takeover,the epic event of the channel history, King for Another Day Tournament.

The first of April there was a live show on the siivagunner channel, in which a teaser of a official page was shown for the tournament,now my question is, how can use this in the tournament? Here some ideas of mine about it:

  1. Revelation of official arts of the contestants,and maybe a hint of the sources
  2. "Spirits" related to the contestants, referring to super smash bros ultimate spirits (admit, this idea is great)
  3. A look for the "master hand" of the tournament (a hairy hand,reference to grand dad)
  4. Hints of the winner of a duel before the…

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Elchistosito Elchistosito 30 April 2019

Coherent suggestions for contestants of KFAD 2???

Of all the channel memes, who have the opportunity to be in the high quality tournament?

First we have to know one thing, the difference between major memes and minor memes,an example of this;7 grand dad is a major meme,because this is used many times, on the other hand, "im here to see MFDoom" is a minor meme,because only It was used 6 times on rips. Why is all this important? because in KFAD 2 ONLY MINOR MEMES CAN TAKE PART, this is the reason why Monika (ddlc) is not in the tournament.

after know this, the question is, who REALLY have the opportunity to be in the high quality tournament?...

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Benji1547 Benji1547 29 January 2019


As you all may know, SiIvaGunner's YouTube account has been terminated. 

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Ironwestie Ironwestie 7 January 2019

Channel termination and the wiki

Hello all! For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Ironwestie, one of the wiki's administrators and current de-facto head of this wiki.

If you haven't heard the news already, the SiIvaGunner channel was terminated two days ago, leaving the channel's future in limbo. From the team's Q&A and discussion during MAGFest 2019, we know that the channel will not be uploading for at least a few weeks (assuming they cannot get the original channel back). What's more, once the channel begins uploading again, it will take around 180 days (minimum) for all rips to be re-uploaded due to the 50 video-a-day upload limit. Again, this is assuming the worst, which is very likely. If you want more info on the termination, check the MAGFest 2019 SiIvaGunn…

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Glitch56 Glitch56 19 December 2018


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Arthur101234 Arthur101234 10 September 2018

Where can I find a ROM of 7 GRAND DAD?

Title. No, a ROM of The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy doesn't count. 7 GRAND DAD has different sprites.

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UltraEpicLeader100 UltraEpicLeader100 10 July 2018

Speculations About SiIvagunner's Lore


Now we've had lore before but do we stop to wonder "Why is there Lore?" rather than "What is Lore?" so here I am here theorizing and speculating about stuff on the SiIvagunenr channel (though it might be debunked by offical Silva Team lore and I could look like a huge fool but let's go)

  • Query: What exactly is the Origin of The Voice Inside Your Head?

According to the fact that he wasn't in the channel lore until the reboot that I have come to the conclusion that his origin was that he was created as a reflection ol the communities hatred for it being "Weeb Shit" as Snow Halation was the first instance of "Weeb Shit" on the channel (Unless otherwise stated) and because of the dislike bombing the reboot occured when SiIvagunner went to rip Fu…

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UltraEpicLeader100 UltraEpicLeader100 10 July 2018

Witty Blog Title goes here

As you read by the title card this is my corner where my lest than favorable opinions go as each blog post will be it's own act. 

Let's celebrate with....

My list of (in my opinion) Terrible Silvagunner memes (as well as my favorite memes)

(Note: If it has a bullet next to it it's a terrible meme but if there's a number next to it it's a favorite meme)

  • Totino's Mania (the name I came up for Sonic Mania rips with that Totino's meme because not all Sonic Mania rips are total ass)

I personally find this meme to be extremely low quality (as in bottom of the barrel levels of low quality) because first off it's referencing a live stream that happened two years ago and the melody gets graiting after a while and the fact the meme can appear outside of So…

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Pyromanic10 Pyromanic10 5 May 2018

A nice "new" Silva fan channel

This isn't my channel, but a friend's. A lot of work has been put into it for not a lot of recognition. Any feedback on it would be highly appreciated. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! >:]

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Macos76 Macos76 25 March 2018


Nice >:) Nice [>:]

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XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx 14 January 2018

My Rips: Trailer Theme (1930 version) -Sonic Mania

May Contain Content Inappropriate For Children.

Visit for raiting information.



In September 29, 2017.

One Cup changed The World.

And for 3 Months (And 15 Days).

He's Walloped Countless Bosses.

But Now...

As we move forward...

To Discover what made Cuphead a Gaming Icon.

We're Going Back to the 1930's.

XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx and SIIVA proudly presents...

With association with...

Mr Rental: Keeping Life Simple


High Quality Headquarters

This is where it begins.

CUPHEAD MANIA: DON'T DEAL WITH THE VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD!: An Adventure inspred by Cuphead and SiivaGunner!

A Grand New Adventure: The Voice Inside Your Head has wrecked havoc in Inkwell Isle, only Cuphead can stop him! But not alone!

Re-Imagined Classics: Inspired b…

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Ironwestie Ironwestie 4 June 2017

Guide: Using the Source Editor and Understanding Templates

Hi all,

I thought that I'd start a blog talking about the Classic editor and some technical things about templates. A lot of people aren't too experienced with the source editor, so I thought I'd use my three-to-four years of experience editing wikis to help out.

Bear in mind that this is completely my opinion and doesn't reflect the opinions of the entire wiki.

  • 1 What This Guide is About
  • 2 The Source Editor
    • 2.1 Getting Familiar With Code
    • 2.2 Best Practices
      • 2.2.1 Opening and Closing
  • 3 To be continued

This guide will talk about how to use the Source Editor, how to use (and code) templates, and the best ways to make sure that other editors know what you're doing. This guide assumes you have read Help:Editing, so please read up on that before you read this.


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MelonGem MelonGem 30 October 2016

Discord Invite

So, I was just wondering if anyone had an invite link for the discord server?

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Conect11 Conect11 30 October 2016

sally bollywood dance - sally bollywood

first high quality cartoon rip!

it's the same as the SB dance but with grand dad, lumiose city, and nutshack music.

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Luk3Master Luk3Master 7 July 2016

Getting the thumbnail of a rip

A handy way to get the thumbnail of a YouTube video is by using the following link:

Where id of the video is the code from the url of a video, located after the ?watchv= of a link.

  • The link of Pause Screen - Wario World is:
  • Its video id is: EhEAazYMdwM
  • The thumbnail then is located at

That way, the image uploaded is the higher quality thumbnail possible (click to expand).

Hope this help you to continue cataloging high quality rips!

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