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"Boss (Phase 4) - Minecraft" is a high quality rip of the fourth phase of "Boss" from Minecraft.


As with the three previous rips of "Boss", this is an elaborate medley based on the Inspector Gadget theme. (The notes in the table were written by the ripper and have been edited for clarity.)

Time Joke Source Ripper's notes
0:00 Opening theme Inspector Gadget 4-part counterpoint (kinda)
0:06 Psytrance-inspired, bass-heavy rendition of the Inspector Gadget theme, heavily inspired by both the previous "Boss" rips and "The Blood" by Kill The Noise & Seven Lions
0:32 "Minecraft with Gadget" Mike Matei Audio taken directly from Minecraft with Gadget, but with extra effects added when he says Minecraft
0:58 "My Baby brother was eaten by a lion" TikTok Bass drop, and the vocoder-like growl sound uses this as the modulator
1:26 "Minecraft with Gadget"/Opening theme Mike Matei/Inspector Gadget "Brown bricks", and the Inspector Gadget melody is playing behind all the screeches and roars and stuff
1:53 "Twenty-four Preludes in Quarter Tones" Ivan Wyschnegradsky The chord progression from Wyschnegradsky's 3rd prelude from Twenty-four Preludes in Quarter Tones
2:00 "Twenty-four Preludes in Quarter-tones; No. 3 - SingStar Hottest Hits" Scribble1k The 24-TET Inspector Gadget melody from the Wyschnegradsky rip (with slight alterations)
2:54 Opening theme Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget melody starts slowly but then speeds up until the kick turns into a drone
3:10 "Bad Apple!!" (Alstroemeria Records version) Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story, Alstroemeria Records "Bad Apple!!" bass line starts
3:24 "Maiden's Capriccio" Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story "Bad Apple!!" melody starts; "Maiden's Capriccio" slowly fades in
3:37 Death sound Touhou Project Touhou death sound; "Maiden's Capriccio" becomes full focus
3:50 "Meet the Flintstones" The Flintstones "Meet the Flintstones" on the NES lead
4:05 "Necrofantasia" Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom "Necrofantasia", and the G7 chord (V7 in C minor) from the previous section resolves a half step down to G♭ (♭VI in the new key of B♭ minor), mimicking a similar key change in "Necrofantasia"
4:11 Amen break The Winstons amen break baby
4:14 Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD Vinesauce Joel Sentence mix of Vinesauce Joel saying "Touhou 7, is that the one I played?" in reference to the funny Grand Dad reaction
4:18 "Necrofantasia" Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom Full D&B rendition of "Necrofantasia" with the iconic Touhou trumpet (and some other stuff) playing the lead melody
4:40 Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD/"Meet the Flintstones" Vinesauce Joel/The Flintstones Grand Dad reaction, then "Meet the Flintstones"; the combination of "Necrofantasia" and "Meet the Flintstones is specifically a reference to "Necrofantasia - Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom"
4:55 "Necrofantasia" Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom The main melody of "Necrofantasia" can be heard in the background, because I thought it would sound nice
5:04 Opening theme Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget but if it was a Touhou melody
5:12 The Lick Jazz >:)
5:28 Bass stab pitches down until it's just triplet clicks
5:35 The intro section again, but in 12/8; this entire outro section is also a reference to "The Blood"
5:47 "The Nutshack" NUMP "The Nutshack" is played in the chord progression
6:00 Just weird soloing over nutshack chords, sounds pretty neat in my opinion

Additional comments

Some trivia:

As mentioned previously, parts of this track were inspired by Kill the noise and 7 Lion's "the blood"

The bass sounds from the first drop are largely sourced from previous projects, the stabby one and the reese are taken from "how to do anything", and the phasery mechanical bass (the one at 1:02) is taken from boss Omega mix

This is the second rip to feature the 3rd prelude from wyschnedgradsky's 24 preludes in quarter tones.

I used the bad apple transition as an excuse to put like 2 uninterrupted minutes of touhou in this thing

There are multiple instances of fart with extra reverb hidden in this, but you'll have to find them yourself ;)

this is the first boss rip to not use that one riff thats in the intro of the first ont and shows up in different places in the other two