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"boss_friends - OMORI" is a high quality rip of "boss_friends" from OMORI.


Various sources are integrated into the track through a mixture of mashups and melody-swaps:

Time Joke Source
0:00 "Dame Tu Cosita" El Chombo ft. Cutty Ranks
0:12 "Dame Tu Cosita Gang" N&A productions
0:13 "Party Rock Anthem" LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock
0:16 "Gadget Room" Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
0:26 "NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A" Deltarune
0:40 "Breakout" 3D Dot Game Heroes
1:06 "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" Silentó
1:22 "Space Jam"[note 1] Quad City DJs
2:02 "Mo Bamba" Sheck Wes
2:12 "Gangnam Style" PSY
2:25 "The Banana Mishap!" makemebad35
2:38 Peter Griffin saying "fuck off" Family Guy, "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side"

At 2:39, the rip loops before fading out.


  1. "Space Jam" paired up with its corresponding segment is a reference to the OMORI rip "Tussle Among Trees".


  1. "Retro Quality Rips", YouTube playlist by Retro Gaming.