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"Bring It In, Guys! - Undertale" is a high quality rip of "Bring It In, Guys!" from Undertale.


The advertised track is a mix of numerous Undertale leitmotifs used for the True Pacifist Ending's credits. In a similar vein, this is a dense medley rip using jokes from previous Undertale rips as a finale for the Undertale 6th Anniversary event. The rip also includes visuals, with animations based on the ones seen in the credits.


Time Section Joke Source Rip(s) referenced
0:00 "Enemy Approaching" "Bad Apple!!" Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story "Enemy Approaching (Alpha Mix) - Undertale"
0:08 "Showtime (Original Mix)" Homestuck "Enemy Approaching (Original Mix) - Undertale"
0:14 acappella cover N/A "Enemy Approaching - Undertale"
0:16 "Meet the Flintstones" The Flintstones "Enemy Approaching (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
0:38 "Nyeh Heh Heh!" + "sans." "Unfounded Revenge" MOTHER 3 "Nyeh Heh Heh! - Undertale"
"Bonetrousle - Undertale"
"Bonetrousle (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
0:44 "We Are Number One" LazyTown "Bonetrousle (Day 1 Patch) - Undertale"
0:46 "Buy Somethin' Will Ya!" EarthBound "Buy Somethin' Will Ya! - EarthBound"
0:49 "Ya Tareshy" (AKA "Arabic Nokia Ringtone") Eida Al Menhali "Bonetrousle (Nintendo Switch Version) - Undertale"
0:57 "Snowdin Town" "Snow halation" μ's "Snowdin Town - Undertale"
1:00 "Break" Kero Kero Bonito "Snowdin Town (PAL Version) - Undertale"
1:08 "Seasons of Love" Rent "Snowdin Town (Console Mix) - Undertale"
1:12 "Fuck tha Police" N.W.A "Snowdin Town (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
1:19 "Your Door Was Locked!" / "500 Chunks" Element Animation "Snowdin Town (OST Version) - Undertale"
1:33 "Spear of Justice" + "An Ending" The Nutshack theme NUMP "Spear of Justice - Undertale"
"WTF BOOM" The Steve Moustache Show, Mega64 "Spear of Justice (Unused Version) - Undertale"
1:42 "BIG CHUNGUS | Official Main Theme" Endigo
"S.L.A.B. Freestyle" (claps) Chip tha Ripper
1:46 Loud Nigra Wife Enjoys Big Ben
1:47 "WTF BOOM" The Steve Moustache Show, Mega64
1:51 "Five Nights at Freddy's Song" The Living Tombstone
2:10 the track is bitcrushed N/A "NGAHHH!! - Undertale"
2:18 "Death by Glamour" + "Another Medium" "Lucky Strike" Maroon 5 "Death by Glamour - Undertale"
"Death by Glamour (Unused Vocal Version) - Undertale"
"Death by Glamour (Complete Mix) - Undertale"
"AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE A FUNKY BEAT" Lethal League Blaze "Death by Glamour (Unused Version) - Undertale"
2:24 "You Can Do It" Adam Routh and Patrick Wilson "Death by Glamour (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
2:35 "We Gonna Rock It (Jetset Remix)" Flying Steps "Death by Glamour (Alpha Mix) - Undertale"
2:46 "Fabulous" Phineas and Ferb "Death by Glamour (In-Game Version) - Undertale"
2:47 "Unreeeal superhero 3" Rez and Kenet "Another Medium (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
2:53 "Technologic" Daft Punk "Another Medium (Beta Mix) - Undertale" (GiIvaSunner)
2:58 "Pretty Boy Swag" Soulja Boy "Another Medium - Undertale"
3:10 "Locked Out of Heaven" Bruno Mars "CORE (Alpha Mix) - Undertale"
"Absolute Territory" Ken Ashcorp "CORE (In-Game Version) - Undertale"
3:11 "Sneakman" Jet Set Radio "CORE (Unused Mix) - Undertale"
"Crank That" Soulja Boy "CORE (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
3:19 "Bangarang" Skrillex ft. Sirah "CORE (PS4 Version) - Undertale"
3:21 "dat boi!!!!" ZimoNitrome "CORE (Beta Version) - Undertale"
3:30 "Bergentrückung" + "Fallen Down" "In the Hall of the Mountain King" Edvard Grieg "Bergentrückung (Unused Version) - Undertale"
3:33 "Meet the Flinstones" The Flintstones "Bergentrückung - Undertale"
3:36 Vocals: "Click Cool Swiper" Cool Swiper Ad (The ad uses "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" linking it to "Fallen Down - Undertale" and "Fallen Down (Reprise) - Undertale")
3:39 "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" Skrillex "Fallen Down - Undertale"
"Fallen Down (Reprise) - Undertale"
3:50 "Once Upon a Time" Star Wars (Main Title) John Williams, Star Wars "Once Upon A Time - Undertale" (GiIvaSunner)
"Once Upon A Time - Undertale"
"Once Upon a Time - Undertale"
"Once Upon a Time (Trailer Version) - Undertale"
4:04 "Meet the Flintstones" The Flintstones


Gallery Character Reference
BIIG 1.png

BIIG 2.png

Reimu Hakurei "Enemy Approaching (Alpha Mix) - Undertale"
John Egbert's dad "Enemy Approaching (Original Mix) - Undertale"
Sens Sans is Ness
Papyrus dressed as Robbie Rotten "Bonetrousle (Day 1 Patch) - Undertale"
Grand Dad's second form Various rips (7 GRAND DAD)
Chip tha Ripper with Inspector Gadget's hat "inspector chip tha ripper" by Tammy
(the second video in the Undertale playlist)
BIIG 3.png

BIIG 4.png
BIIG 5.png

Frog in a car from MOTHER 3 "Nyeh Heh Heh! - Undertale"
"Bonetrousle - Undertale"
"Bonetrousle (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
Gummibär in a purple lowrider, constantly bouncing left and right "Bonetrousle (Anniversary Mix) - Undertale"
BIIG 6.png

BIIG 7.png
BIIG 7 point 5.png
BIIG 8.png

Smol Nozomi riding the Smolitzer "Snowdin Town - Undertale"
A car with a livery depicting Maki Nishikino
Two Minecraft Villagers chasing another pair of Villagers, who are running away with a sleigh full of presents, followed by another Villager carrying a tower of wooden blocks "Snowdin Town (OST Version) - Undertale"
BIIG 9.png
Paul McCartney holding a guitar "Jerry Temporary - Paul McCartney" by useless account
(the first video in the Undertale playlist)
Nice Cream Guy with a ROBLOX head on his cart "Battle Against a True Hero - Undertale"
Freddy Fazbear buried under the sand "Spear of Justice (Unused Version) - Undertale"
Big Chungus
A toppled sandcastle depicting the Playboi Carti Standing Goat "Memory (Short Version) - Undertale"
Alphys smoking a blunt "Alphys - Undertale"
"Alphys (Unused Version) - Undertale"
A dog with a hand doing the "circle game" with its front legs, flipping horizontally "sans. (Extended Version) - Undertale"
Chita in a bikini "Spear of Justice - Undertale"
Pickle Rick "Alphys (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
BIIG 10.png

BIIG 11.png

D. Va, Kenny, Bruno Mars, Tito Dick, and Adam Levine spectating. Levine later turns around to reveal himself, referencing The Voice. "For the Fans (Unused Version) - Undertale", "CORE (In-Game Version) - Undertale", "CORE (Alpha Mix) - Undertale", "CORE - Undertale", and "Death by Glamour - Undertale", respectively.
Mettaton doing The Duane "Death by Glamour (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
DJ Professor K on a DJ set "Death by Glamour (Alpha Mix) - Undertale"
Keemstar hiding in a bush "For the Fans - Undertale"
Pinkie Pie as Shyren "Metal Crusher (Alpha Mix) - Undertale"
Unregistered HyperCam 2 "Another Medium (Beta Mix) - Undertale"
Lady "CORE (OST Version) - Undertale"
Dat Boi cycling across the stage "CORE (Beta Version) - Undertale"
BIIG 12.png

BIIG 13.png
BIIG 14.png
BIIG 15.png

Dr. Eggman, with a second Eggman kicking him off-screen. The second Eggman then proceeds to walk towards the school and perform Undertale's dance glitch against the door. "Good Night - Undertale"

"Fallen Down (Alpha Mix) - Undertale"

Kanye West trimming a Grand Dad-shaped bush "Bergentrückung (Nintendo Switch Version) - Undertale"
Skrillex doing the "you know I had to do it to 'em" pose "Fallen Down - Undertale"
"Fallen Down (Reprise) - Undertale"
BIIG 16.png

BIIG 17.png

The lighthouse from Tengami GilvaSunner

The final image shown in the rip.



  • The rip was initially premiered. Unlike most SiIvaGunner premieres, the metadata was the same before the premiere.
  • In total, the rip represents 51 rips of 20 Undertale tracks, both unrelated videos at the top of the channel's Undertale playlist, Sans is Ness, Grand Dad, and the lighthouse. At the time that the rip was uploaded...
    • The following tracks had all of their rips represented: "Enemy Approaching" (4 rips), "Another Medium" (3), "For the Fans" (2), "Spear of Justice" (2), and "Fallen Down (Reprise)" (by proxy of its lone rip being a reference to the represented "Fallen Down" rip).
    • The following tracks had all but one rip represented: "CORE" (8 of 9), "Death by Glamour" (7 of 8), "Alphys" (3 of 4), and "Bergentrückung" (3 of 4).
    • The following tracks had some of their rips represented: "Snowdin Town" (5 of 9), "Bonetrousle" (5 of 8), and "Once Upon a Time" (4 of 8, counting the retconned incarnations as separate rips), and "Fallen Down" (2 of 6, not counting "Fallen Down (Reprise)").
    • The following tracks had only one rip representing them: "sans." (had 9 rips), "Nyeh Heh Heh!" (7), "Metal Crusher" (7), "Battle Against a True Hero" (5), "Memory" (4), "Good Night" (2), "NGAHHH!!" (2), and "Fallen Down (Reprise)" (still by proxy).
    • 53 rips of represented tracks were not referenced (31 of those being from tracks with only 1 rip represented).


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