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CD Grand Beta is a high quality album containing arrangements of songs from Sonic CD as if it was done with the Sega Genesis' synthesizer. It was released on September 30, 2016, one week after the game's 23rd anniversary, and was announced through the video "A Little and Quick Announcement".


No. Title Ripper(s) Length
1. "Sonic - You Can Do Anything [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:32
2. "Sonic Boom [CD Beta Mix]" Sir Spacebar 1:28
3. "D.A. Garden [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 2:06
4. "Palmtree Panic Present JP [CD Beta Mix]" Sir Spacebar 1:45
5. "Palmtree Panic Present US [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:54
6. "Collision Chaos Good Future JP [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:19
7. "Tidal Tempest Present JP [CD Beta Mix]" Sir Spacebar 1:51
8. "Tidal Tempest Present US [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:57
9. "Tidal Tempest Good Future JP [CD Beta Mix]" Sir Spacebar 1:17
10. "Tidal Tempest Good Future JP [Alt. CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:20
11. "Tidal Tempest Past [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:32
12. "Quartz Quadrant Present JP [CD Beta Mix]" Sir Spacebar 1:40
13. "Quartz Quadrant Good Future JP [CD Beta Mix]" Sir Spacebar 1:40
14. "Never Gonna Give You A Stardust Speedway Bad Future [JP Beta Mix]" Jass 3:10
15. "Just Kidding, here's Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:07
16. "Stardust Speedway Bad Future US [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:12
17. "Stardust Speedway Past [Beta Mix]" Scooblee 2:45
18. "Metallic Madness Present US [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:23
19. "Metallic Madness Good Future JP [CD Beta Mix]" Sir Spacebar 1:04
20. "Special Stage JP [CD Beta Mix]" Sir Spacebar 1:29
21. "Special Stage US [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 2:07
22. "Boss!! JP [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 1:22
23. "Sonic Boom (Reprise) [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 3:00
24. "Cosmic Eternity [CD Beta Mix]" Jass 3:02
Hidden tracks
25. "When I'm Clownin' (FM Arrange)" SmokyThrill77 feat. Chaze the Chat 3:28


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