"Castellated Nut - Need for Speed: ProStreet" is a high quality rip of "Castellated Nut" from Need for Speed: ProStreet.

Joke Edit

The song is mashed up with Vinny's performance of “Rub Titties” (made up on the spot in response to the catchy background music from a game he was playing).

At 2:27, the vocals shift to a YTPMV with Joel yelling “GRAND DAD?!″ It shifts back to Vinny at 2:41; however, around 2:57 Joel saying “dick” (from the famous line "Our fucking teacher said: 'Who's been drawing dicks?'") can be heard intermittently in the background.

Finally, Loud Nigra begins to scream at the very end of the video.[1]

References Edit

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