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General Memes: DK RapCoconut Gun
Characters: Donkey KongBluster KongCranky KongDiddy Kong
Frequently ripped tracks Stickerbush Symphony
Main series Classic: Donkey KongJr. Math'94
Main series: Country (GBC)Country 2Country 364Country ReturnsCountry: Tropical Freeze
Spin-offs Mario vs.: Mini-Land Mayhem2: March of the Minis
Donkey Konga: Donkey Konga3
Diddy Kong Racing: Diddy Kong RacingDS

Other: DKTV
Crossovers Games: Tetris DSNintendo LandTetris 99
Super Smash Bros.: 64MeleeBrawlfor Wii U & 3DS
(3DSfor Wii U)Ultimate
Mario Kart: Super64Super CircuitDouble Dash!!DSWii78 (Deluxe)


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  • This playlist is one of the few not using the conventional "Title - Video Game" naming scheme, instead going for "Video Game Music - Title".
    • The only two Donkey Kong rips that link to the playlist in the description are the two rips of "Title Screen".
    • Both of these quirks are based off of GilvaSunner's uploads.
  • Some of the earlier rips use a different image. This was fixed after "Miss".

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